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fantasy cricket

It is an age of online sports. For example, online fantasy cricket is a popular sport of the 21st century. Offline sports make people physically more robust, while online sports make people sharper mentally. Hence, nowadays, these online apps help people pass the time faster and much more productively. 

In such sports, people create online teams. Teams are selected based on various criteria that you need to keep in mind before you choose your players. Hence, people can choose a group in any number. Most people are unaware that these types of online sports offer a lot of variety. One can use these apps in more than one way.

People enjoy playing fantasy cricket more than you would think. It involves a lot of strategizing and critical analysis. When making the team, you need to keep the attributes and weaknesses of every player in mind before you add them to your team.

How do these apps work?

Step 1- Select a match.

Before anything, download the app of your choice to play fantasy cricket. Now some apps focus on a single game. And some apps have more than one game. Before you choose an app, make sure the sport of your liking is in that app. Select various match types according to the tournament you want to play. 

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Step 2 – Form a team.

Once a match is selected, now the user is good to go. At this point, you have to choose four components like wicket-keeper batsman, bowler, All-rounders. As the user clicks on the player’s name, detailed information about different players’ different statistics can help you decide which player you should choose.

Step 3 – Choose your captain & vice-captain.

Once you select the team, it’s time to choose the captain and vice-captain.

The users get 2X points here as a captain. At the same time, the user receives 1.5X points for the vice-captain.

It is a general point allocation. But of course, in different apps, point allocation can be additional. These differences also depend on the sports that you want to play. Since Fantasy cricket is one such online sport, you need to refer to the guidelines for that specific sport.

Step 4- Form Multiple teams.

Now at this point, the player has to choose the team. A player can create a maximum of 6- 10 teams in most apps. But there are unique apps that can create more teams. Generally, these events are called Mega-events or Semi-final events.

Step 5 – Team Management

Every player has the right to make changes according to the deadline. However, if you later discover that some players don’t have enough strength or do not like specific players’ performance, you can change those team players according to your liking.

These are the steps to play fantasy cricket or any other fantasy sport on your mobile phone. Playing these sports requires many skills and techniques that one must develop to score well. Your analytical thinking comes into play when you play fantasy cricket and other fantasy sports.


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