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part-time degree courses

Part-time degrees in Singapore can come in the form of a bachelor’s or master’s programme.

The technologically advanced learning structure that Singapore has in store for you is generally well-regarded and is considered one of the finest study-abroad destinations in the world.

Let’s take a look at the best part-time degree courses in Singapore that can help you interact with candidates from all over the world, as well as learn about the Singaporean professional culture.

Bachelors of Arts (Honours) Business and marketing

Besides gaining relevant knowledge and understanding of business organisations, this part-time course will allow you to learn how to operate in a multicultural work environment.

Bachelors of Science (Honours) in accounting and finance

This undergraduate online programme will help you gain a better understanding of the ultimate purpose of utilising financial information, and become efficient at making decisions about the allocations of resources within a business.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting and financial management

Completing this bachelor’s degree from Singapore will help you demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge needed to take up roles within the accounting and finance division in a company, and acquire a range of transferable skills that are required to maintain professional awareness.

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MSc in business analytics

The cutting-edge modules such as machine learning and data visualisation incorporated within the module structure called mom will help you better protect a brand’s data from today’s environment of digital disruption.

Master of leadership in the organisation

This unique post-graduate degree is designed to help you reach your leadership potential and adopt managerial approaches that can unleash creativity, innovation and organisational learning throughout the workspace.

Master of Science in logistics and supply chain management

This flexible master’s programme is designed for aspirants who want to achieve mastery in the transport and logistics management sector and acquire proficiency in areas including corporate financial management, organisational behaviour and global strategic analysis.

Executive Master in finance

Earning this postgraduate qualification from Singapore will help you deepen your knowledge about the international business sector and drive investment management and corporate finance industries of the future with confidence.

Master of Science in programme and project management

This master’s qualification is uniquely designed to help you learn about the philosophes, principles, tools and methodologies needed to develop and manage larger small-scale business projects.

Master of Science in building performance and sustainability

This programme taught in Singapore will help you engage in the maintenance of building systems and services, commissioning, designing, operations and construction.

Signing up for any of the above-mentioned part-time degree courses from Singapore can help you acquire the skills needed to advance in your career and establish yourself as a professional in this competitive job market.

Enrol on one of our flexible and enjoyable curriculum structures, to keep pursuing your aspirations besides juggling your personal and professional responsibilities.

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