Trending Dissertation Topics & Ideas For 2023-2024

Trending Dissertation Topics

How students approach their dissertation depends heavily on how precisely they define their dissertation topic. Good dissertation topics must be chosen from the outside in. You’ll often start with a broad topic and then focus on a few specifics that will help you better understand the material. 


Dissertation topics should not be too broad, whether you’ve been given a large topic, many challenges in researching, or you’ve had to put up with your concerns to investigate.

A broad dissertation topic can cause problems.

You’ll have difficulty completing the dissertation if you don’t focus on a specific topic. Dissertation topics that are too broad might be tough to write about. Concerns include:


  • Many sources of information exist, making it challenging to choose which ones are most relevant and which ones should be omitted.
  • When you’re seeking general knowledge, it’s challenging to develop a framework for tackling the dissertation difficulty.
  • It’s hard to find and use the correct methods to look into the dissertation topic because there aren’t enough features to define it well.
  • You will come across a large spectrum of information that cannot all be presented in one piece. So, the effect makes you more prone to delving into unnecessary detail. Narrowing down a dissertation topic is one of the most complex parts of writing a dissertation.
  • If your professor assigns a particular topic for your dissertation, you’ll still need to whittle it down. On top of that, the professor would find it tiresome to grade sixty essays on identical topics. Consequently, you should begin writing your dissertation with a smaller scope in mind. In this way, you will not try to cram too much information into one dissertation.

The Art of Dissertation Focusing

The following are some ways in which you might zero in on a more specific topic for your dissertation:

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Consider a dissertation’s difficulty via the prism of one particular perspective. Another alternative is to confine your focus to a single element. Consider, for example, how smoking may cause lung cancer rather than the multiple factors that cause cancer.


To get more precise results, see whether the original unit or variable can be broken down into smaller components. For example, a dissertation on adolescent tobacco use may concentrate on chewing tobacco rather than other nicotine and alcohol use or minors. Nicotine use by male adolescents in a given age range and the geographic area may be a more effective technique.


The data gathering techniques you choose may help you keep the quantity of interpretive analysis required to accomplish your dissertation challenge to a minimum. By putting together a qualitative case study instead of a list of cases, you can get data that doesn’t need much explanation.


Rather than a dissertation, a smaller geographic unit is more likely to focus on a single topic. With this information in mind, you may conduct a case study on the commercial connections between the two countries.


Decide how multiple variables are related. If a dissertation is organised entirely around the relationships of numerous variables, its scope may be limited.

The Sources and Consequences of

  • both individuals and organisations
  • Analyse and compare.
  • The past and the present
  • Identification and resolution of the problem
  • All genders are welcome.
  • Reason and imagination


A study session may be defined by setting a time limit. The more specific the dissertation’s topic is, the more condensed its scope will be. For example, instead of considering the current state of commerce between Singapore and China, examine the links that have existed throughout time.


Consider tailoring the topic of your dissertation to a select set of individuals, phenomena, or places. There are several ways to enhance college housing, such as focusing on universities, condos, or building materials.


Selecting two or more of the ideas presented here should assist you in zeroing in on your topic.

Final thought 

Finally, you may either start with a broad topic offered by your professor and later refine it, or you can start from scratch and then whittle it down. Many instructors enjoy it this way. What matters most is that your topic is well-defined and has numerous words.


You must be aware of the problem before you can develop an effective thesis statement. To make sure your dissertation topic is worthwhile, talk to your professor or friends about it. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from an assignment writing service. By concentrating on a single topic, you are more likely to succeed than if you broaden your scope.



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