Flooring Patterns and Layouts

Patterned Carpet

The use of patterns is one of our biggest anticipated trends for 2022. We expect plenty of demand for patterns on base materials such as vinyl, tiles and laminate. You can install other materials such as laminate floor panels and Quality hardwoods of Michigan with an interesting flooring layout and design.

The Pros of Patterns

There are plenty of reasons people pick patterned flooring. Using patterns and distinctive layouts allows you to personalise your space and create a feature rather than a boring element that never gets noticed. Patterns also help hide dirt and damage, making them great for use in the rooms that see the most foot traffic. Careful pattern selection can help you establish a cohesive look across your whole home.

Patterned Carpet

There have already been a lot of talks this year about patterns coming back to carpets. After a dull few years where neutral carpets seemed to be the most common choice, this year we expect a return to bolder carpet patterns and more choice of base colours. Colourful, patterned carpets act as a great foundation for the design of a room that is unique as you are. Geometric shapes, high contrasts and floral elements can be quirky and cool.

Patterned Carpet

Geometric carpet

There are some really fun carpet geometric designs available at the moment. Geometric shapes and repeating patterns are often reminiscent of the Middle East, while irregular patterns have a more modernist look. These patterns have such an impact, so we recommend using geometric carpets sparingly. There are plenty of designs that use high colour contrast and these can be used to make a statement in bedrooms or study. When you are using a large-scale pattern on the floors, avoid other large patterns on the walls or furniture. Opt instead for small patterns or plain colours.

Floral Carpet

Floral carpets add a sense of softness and sweetness and can make a room feel much cosier. While the thought of floral patterns might seem dated, there are plenty of pretty and contemporary prints that look nothing like what your grandma used to have. Many modern florals have large botanical prints, and many feature Australian native plants. For this reason, they are often coloured with the rich shades of the Australian outback, browns, reds, yellows and golds.

Staggered and Offset Layout

While the most basic floor layout is to arrange materials in a simple grid, staggered and offset layouts are more commonly used today. Rather than the edges of all panels or planks lining up exactly, an offset has the panels starting and finishing at different points in rows. These techniques look neat but natural, with each join sitting halfway between the join in the neighbouring panels.

Flooring Patterns and Layouts

Herringbone Layout

Typically used in parquetry floors, a herringbone flooring layout can now be created using laminate floor panels. Panels are placed at 90-degree angles and the resulting layout has a staggered, zig-zag appearance. Panels sit snugly against each other to give complete coverage. This classic flooring pattern looks great and has the bonus of adding sophistication to any room.

Chevron Layout

Chevron layouts require attention to detail and precision during placement and this pattern is probably the hardest of these layouts to achieve. A chevron flooring pattern is created when laminate or carpet panels are set at 45-degree angles, giving the appearance of an arrow or V. It also gives the impression of creating space or distance, so it’s a great choice in a small room. This design has been applied to flooring since the medieval period and has even been spotted on Ancient Green Pottery! It’s certainly making a comeback in 2022, especially for use in dining rooms, formal living spaces and entryways.

Houndstooth layout

Houndstooth is traditionally created in black and white, but colours can be used in some instances. It is probably less common, but even more eye-catching, it is possible to find Houndstooth print vinyl. This attractive pattern makes a bold statement in any room and is associated with sophistication and elegance.

Houndstooth layout

Hexagon Patterns

Although slightly less conventional, it is possible to create a very distinctive and unique look with hexagon-shaped tiles. Hexagon tiles come in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes. They do well in contemporary kitchen and dining areas. You can use multiple colours, to create the appearance of depth, and to recreate the look of the classic 1950s diner. Single-coloured hexagon tiles also look very interesting as a flooring layout, although somewhat more modern and minimalist.

Plaid patterns

A plaid or tartan pattern can be effective in carpet or vinyl. Plaid patterns add a sense of structure and form to a room, helping to create a sense of order and space. These Plaid carpet squares are neat, tidy and will turn the floor into a stand-out feature of any space in your home. Plaid carpets are often tightly woven, giving them a luxurious and warm feel.

Creating these distinctive flooring layouts in your chosen material isn’t always easy, and it’s often not a job for DIY. Contact us today if you’re thinking about adding some interest to your home with a unique flooring pattern or layout. We can help you decide which of these layouts or patterns would suit your space and help you determine which will give the best result. We’ll talk you through the options, manage all the elements of your order and take care of the installation too. For more information visit www.floorworld.com.au or visit your local Floorworld retailer.


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