The emergence of various teaching methods has sparked debates about how they might be utilized to aid curriculums. Some individuals see limitless possibilities for how contemporary technologies might help the school, while others only see the drawbacks and even feel that technology should not be allowed in educational institutions for efficiency purposes in learning. 

Importance of spelling

Knowing how to spell words is one of the most important qualities. Trying to spell is essential for other fundamental abilities such as writing and reading. These abilities assist youngsters in getting good qualifications and moving through them.

Furthermore, strong spelling skills may have an influence on kids’ continued jobs. Learning wording in educational institutions is also one of the popular trends in the educational system. Students’ literacy is projected to increase as a result of the implementation of mandatory 7th grade spelling exams for all key stage children in England.

Technology effect on student learning:

The new spelling exams are supported by the desire to ensure that children are adequately equipped for middle school. This is anticipated to increase educational objectives and England’s standing in reading and writing in the long run. When it comes to the link involving spelling and modern technology, most of us have used ‘spell check’ on our cellphones or other internet tools to spell correctly. Does this imply that learning spelling in schools is less central to learning? 

It is just as vital to have strong spelling abilities now as it was when alternative technologies were offered. Although technology has made it easier to practice spelling, it should not be believed that knowing how to spell is no longer important. Our cellphones fix our spelling, and it is simple to look things up online if we are unsure how to say something. Different educational tools should be viewed as chances for studying and mastering spelling, rather than as a substitute for students’ own understanding, as there will always be occasions where computers are unavailable.

It goes without saying that learning to spell is critical, and it should not be overlooked in this day and information age. Well, dictation words for grade 7 are considered to be ideal for everyone to start learning. Therefore, it would be worth concentrating more on learning spelling in a variety of methods and assisting kids in meeting good expectations without putting them under intense stress by requiring them to take difficult spelling exams. Another argument some participants create against spelling exams or even learn to spell in schools is that understanding how to spell is pointless in today’s world of technology. However, it has elicited a bunch of horrible reactions, such as being unneeded and placing too much responsibility on kids, generating stress, and even discriminating against students with specific learning needs, all of which have harmed psychological health.

How might technology assist pupils with spelling problems in editing their work?

Planning, Composing, Editing, and Adding are the phases of writing. Let’s take a look at spelling during the editing process. That is, when we use spell checkers and ordinary predictive text, we are just concerned with the simple sentence in question, not the situation of the word inside the phrase. As a result, students frequently choose a perfectly spelled word that is completely inappropriate in the subject of the phrase they are composing. When you’re looking for editing software, be sure it includes two features: 

  1. Spell-checking in context
  2. Text-to-speech.

Let’s explore these features one by one.

Spell-checking in context

Contextual spell check is not the same as regular spell check. The distinction is that traditional spelling verification concentrates only on the word in issue, inferring as many phrases as it can from the few letters you typed. Contextual spell check, on the other hand, looks at more than just the characters in the term you typed; it considers the previous and subsequent words as well as the entire phrase. Contextual spell checks will be significantly more accurate as a result of this.


Text-to-speech technology allows users to have their effort delivered to them aloud. This method allows students to hear a lot more of their faults than they would if they reviewed it alone. Our minds prefer to connect the dots or find the word we wanted to express rather than the one we really penned or typed when we review our own work, whether in our heads or out aloud.

Learners enhance their writing abilities as well as their overall language knowledge by learning how to think about writing in perspective. The average standard of pupils’ published material will increase as they acquire experience using these techniques. You can try out if you don’t want to rely on these technological tools to be successful. Its grading system will help you learn to spell effectively and efficiently. 


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