Post Box Numbers

Post Box Number

In the UK, post box plate has different classification depending upon the area it is situated in. This depends on whether the post box is inside or outside a building. When it is located outside of the building it is known as street number and when it is within the building it is known as Post Box Numbers. In this article we will be dealing with the installation of post-box plates for residential use.

There are two main types of post box plates that you can go for. One type is known as the private post box number and the other one is the public post box number. The private number is exclusively for a home and is available in different color and size.

Post number that is allocated to a business is known as commercial number. In this type there is no limit to the number of plates that you can have. You can even go for a post number that is exclusively for an office building. However the cost of this kind is very high as compared to the private ones.

Get Best Value for your Money

If you want to get the best value for your money, then the best option that you can go for is the public post number plate. This type is very easy to install and it comes at a very low cost. You can also get a combination of both the types of numbers. However, this option will be at a higher price.

Post numbers come in different shapes. You can opt for the circular or the triangular ones. In this installation there is a slot at the top that allows you to slip the post into the slot. You need to make sure that you have enough space at the back of the plate for your screws. This type of installation method is called direct post fitting.

How to deal with Private Post Box Numbers Providers

If you are planning to get the post box from a private owner then it would be ideal if you use brass post. However, this type is very expensive. You can also go for plastic post which has almost the same look as wooden post. This material is cheaper and it can easily be painted. When you choose this option then you should ensure that the slot is large enough.

Box Numbers

You can also consult with some professional car number plate makers to help you out in getting the right type of post box plates. This option is also relatively inexpensive. The only thing that you need to ensure is that the measurements of your post box are accurate. If you are not sure about it then you can simply get the help of a professional who will be able to help you out with this task. He will also explain the whole installation process to you and guide you towards a successful result.

You can also choose to get the new plate installed on the old post with the help of new post number. This option might sound weird but this type of installation actually works. You just have to place the plate in the slot and then make any required adjustment. When you are looking for new post numbers then you can consult with the local car number plate makers to get the best options available in this respect. You can also compare the price quotes from various car plate dealers so that you can get the best deal.

Swapping of Post Box Numbers

If you have the old post number and you do not want to sell it then there is an option of swapping it with the post number of a new car. There is a lot of scope to customize your vehicle as well. You can easily install some of the latest car accessories with the help of new post number. It is not at all a complicated task. However, you must always consult a mechanic before doing so.

One of the most common reason why people ask for Post Box Number swapping is when the plate frame becomes cracked or damaged due to some accident. In such a case you can easily install the new post number and restore the old plate frame. You can even change the size and shape of the plates. You can even add more security to your vehicle by installing a few more safety devices.

In fact, you can even save a lot of money by swapping the plate if you think that the price of the car is going to go up in the near future. This option also helps you in getting a good car as well. You can even get the best number plates in the market at affordable rates. The best part is that there are many online stores that are offering this facility at really affordable rates. All you have to do is spend sometimes in finding out the right shop and you can easily get your plate fitted into your car.


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