Ashwini Mudra: Effective in Treating Piles

Ashwini mudra was named after looking at an action performed by Ashwa (horse) in ancient times. There were so many saints who were great observers. They learned a lot from humans as well as animals and birds. This mudra was one among those that observed and implemented. Likewise, the horse repeatedly compresses and opens its anal gate.


After seeing this action, our sage sages must have thought about how it can be beneficial for human life and they started practicing on it. This posture is a boon for those who want to increase their strength, and achieve celibacy by following this asana.

Method of doing Ashwini mudra

The method of Ashwini mudra is very simple and easy. Everyone can do it whether it is a woman or a man. Let us know how to do it?



First of all, sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana posture upon the blanket.
Do this mudra in a peaceful place.
Regularize breathing by closing your eyes.
Now draw the breath in and close the anus.
After this, exhale and open the anal gate.
You can also do this at a fast pace. But breathing will be regular.


The second method of doing Ashwini Mudra-


This is the second method of doing Ashwini mudra, in which this mudra is also done by lying down. Let us know how to do it.


Lay a blanket or cushion seat and lie on your back.
Now bend the legs from the knees.
Keep hands with buttocks.
If you want, you can also keep a pillow around the legs. With this, people who have a complaint of a hernia will also be benefited.
Now open and close the anal gate at a high speed.
Breathing will continue in this process as well.


Caution – Never practice this mudra after eating food. There may be a problem if you do this. While doing this posture, also pay attention towards the anal gate, if the knees are so tight, then the problem of pain in the knees can also arise.


Benefits of Ashwini Mudra


Along with Ashwini mudra practices, man could get spiritual strength and progress in his life. So that he can also increase his Brahm strength.
The semen will be upward, which will help you in awakening the Kundalini.
This is a very useful posture for yogis who want to meditate.
Helps to practice celibacy.
Increases faith in God, which is very important for spiritual growth and harmony.

Physical Benefits of Ashwini Mudra

As I have told you the spiritual benefits of this Ashwini mudra. Now we know about the physical benefits of this.


This posture makes the face grow sharp.
The body becomes radiant along with devotional.
All types of diseases of the anus part are treated to a great extent.
For people who get anal prolapse, this pose is a boon for such people.
This posture is very beneficial for constipation patients.
Also, by practicing this mudra, masculinity and youth also increase.

At what time should this pose be done?

It is most appropriate to do this posture on an empty stomach in the morning. Before this, the stomach and intestines should be cleaned thoroughly.

Is this pose useful for women?

This posture is equally useful for women such as water for fish. When a woman produces a child, then she often has a problem with uterus prolapse. Ashwini Mudra is extremely beneficial for correcting it.

In which posture does this pose become natural?

If you do Sethubandhasana, then this mudra is practiced in that posture. In Sethubandhasana, the anal gate rising upwards closes and the anal gate opens while coming down.

Does this posture cure pile?

As I said, this mudra will cure the lumps that occur with the anal which is also the symptom of piles. And will also reduce the occurrence of piles simultaneously.


Ashwini mudra has a very important place in yoga and there is a special posture in it. Along with this mudra, one must also practice Sethubandhasana. From this, the benefits of this mudra will get more and at the same time, the body will also increase its strength.


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