HirinGuru Review – Best Recruitment Platform for Technical Hiring

What makes technical recruitment so difficult? Is it that, more often than not, the HR department is unaware of the technical questions that must be asked in order to evaluate a candidate? Is it possible that resumes alone cannot tell you anything you need to know about a candidate’s true abilities? Your technical staff are still working and don’t have time to start shortlisting resumes, interviewing applicants, or hiring new hires. As you try to locate and organize a team of technical experts, this creates a tough situation.


Thankfully, there is light on the other side of this gloomy cloud. That’s right, cloud-based professional recruiting tools that can help the company hire the best technical talent while ensuring that they meet all of your criteria and skills. These firms not only assist you in obtaining the most skilled and talented personnel, but they also help you reduce the costs, time, and effort required to locate, evaluate, and recruit new employees.

What is HirinGuru?

HirinGuru is one such technical evaluation and recruiting tool. It’s not just some technical recruiting firm. HirinGuru is a cloud-based screening and recruiting platform that is revolutionizing the technical recruitment industry.


HirinGuru also allows the HR management to score candidates based on their resumes and/or tests taken, so that these scores can be accessed later and an impartial decision can be made. Finally, when hiring technical resource, it helps the management to build different role-based profiles for more role-based and specific access.

Features of HirinGuru

HirinGuru’s cutting-edge features are one of the reasons it stands out from other technical recruitment platforms. This is also one of the many factors that have contributed to its widespread acceptance by well-known businesses around the world. Its advanced features, combined with a user-friendly interface, streamline and simplify the company recruitment process. The following are some of the features available:

Single Sign-On Made Simple

This feature is one of our favourites because it eliminates the time spent filling out sign-up forms and manually typing in every detail. Single sign-on allows you to sign in with only one click or tap using your current social media accounts.

Integrated, user-friendly IDE

HirinGuru provides a user-friendly and engaging IDE to assist candidates in submitting their solutions directly to the website, where they can be run and reviewed right away, and thus validated. Any other application for testing and verifying the answers and solutions is no longer needed.

Extensively Stocked Question Bank

This feature is particularly useful if your recruiting staff may not have a technical background. You can select the questions relate to your specific vacancy from the question bank, which was developed by technical experts and industry leaders, and customize your questionnaire accordingly. Pre-made technical questionnaires are also available from HirinGuru to test applicants for different roles and positions.

Assessments in Custom Coding

HirinGuru also allows you to customize or create your own coding tests and questionnaires from scratch, in addition to ready-made questionnaires. It also allows you to create coding tasks and tests in a variety of programming languages to test the candidates’ ability level and technical knowledge.

Detection of Cheating

This feature is critical because it allows you to detect any kind of cheating or plagiarism in the candidates’ attempted solutions. These attempts at deception are then registered in order to account for them in the candidate’s overall evaluation.

Multiple Programming Language Support

You will design and build tests and evaluations using a wide variety of languages supported by the framework. There are some of them (Java, PHP, Python, C++, C#, AI-ML) etc.

Analytics and Reporting

This is one of the most critical features because only a thorough examination of the assessments will provide you with a thorough understanding of the candidate’s performance. HirinGuru has a comprehensive reporting and appraisal framework to help you assess your candidate’s success and abilities and adapt them to your particular requirements.

Pricing for HirinGuru

HirinGuru offers a variety of pricing options, allowing you to choose the best one for you based on your budget and recruiting needs. The advantage is that regardless of which plan you select, you will have access to their vast resource pool and question bank. They have four different proposals to choose from:

 Pay as You Go ($10/test attempt)
 Starter Package ($240/month)
 Business Package ($500/month)

 Enterprise Package (On-demand custom pricing)

Why Choose HirinGuru?

HirinGuru has a number of advantages over its rivals, making it a popular alternative. From identifying potential candidates to putting them on the payroll, the app makes the whole recruiting process easier for you. The following are some of the advantages it provides:

Manually finding and evaluating new employees takes the least amount of time.

A thorough examination of each candidate’s qualifications, experience, abilities, and weaknesses.

Price plans for companies of all sizes.

HirinGuru can be integrated with your applicant tracking system to help you streamline the recruiting process.

Domain evaluations, aptitude tests, coding tests, and ML algorithm tests are all included in a comprehensive and exhaustive assessment.

Data scientists and software engineers are both evaluated.

Final Words

Because of the features it provides and its aggressive pricing policies, HirinGuru clearly outperforms most of its rivals. It is well-known for offering excellent value for money while streamlining and simplifying the professional recruitment process. To be honest, there is no better way to save time, money, and effort than HirinGuru if you are looking for technical resources.


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