Why working in Consulting is so valuable for Data Scientists

Working as a data science consultant | by Pouyan R. Fard | Towards Data  Science

Everybody collects data – from shops and restaurants to monopoly companies and apps with a million audience. A data analyst helps ensure that the collected information is useful for the business. We found out what tasks such a specialist solves together with experts and why he needs to understand business processes no worse than the owner of the company.

Who is a data analyst

A data analyst (or analyst) is a specialist who collects, processes, studies and interprets data. His work helps make decisions in business, management and science. Typically, such specialists work in companies that practice a data-driven approach – they are guided by data and its analysis when making decisions. The course “Data Analyst” in Yandex.Practicum is designed specifically for this data science agency.

“Any product that has an audience collects data. There is analytics in telecom, banks, games, consulting. Generally speaking, we can say this: where it is possible to save data about the product and user behavior, sooner or later an analyst should appear, ”says Anna Chuvilina, author and manager of the Data Analyst program.

The  analyst is an important member of the business because it provides confidence in decision making. It is very expensive to create a new product, and the mistake of introducing a new feature can cost the company reputation and profit. Data analysts conduct A / B tests and build models to check how users or customers react to innovations and assess the prospects of a particular project. It is cheaper and reduces business risks. To do a good job, the analyst needs to see business processes. Therefore, it is important that he can influence the decision-making process based on the results of his research. Otherwise, the work of such a specialist loses its value.

Consulting benefits

The method is popular because of the benefits that the organization gains from its choice. Among them:

  • qualification. Consultants are attracted for cooperation in the field of accounting, marketing, personnel, etc. There may not be such specialists on the staff of the company;
  • an experience. The staff member is limited by the corporate framework, the external data science consulting sees the situation in dozens of organizational structures. He has more to analyze the state of affairs, and also has ideas that have been successfully implemented in other companies;

How exactly can consulting companies help? Scientometrics specialists provide consulting support, answer the main publication questions, help build a strategy for scientific activity and implement it, implementing important research materials. Intermediary organizations provide a very wide range of services, and a scientist can choose exactly the one that he needs at the moment. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of consulting services:

Audit of the article. This service helps to analyze the state of scientific work, its content and design, uniqueness, depth of experiment and quality of translation. This is done in order to competently prepare the work for the first peer review by the editorial board of the journal and the main review by experts, taking into account all the requirements of the scientific publication.


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