5 things every net developer needs to know

5 things every net developer needs to know

During network development, a lot of difficulties can arise. But they can be solved or avoided. There are several complications that are most common. We offer recommendations for solving problems. You can also find useful information here: https://fireart.studio/hire-net-developers/:

1.  Learning HTML9 (Responsive BoilerStrap JS). You can replace it with any JS framework, but it is important that it be trendy on HackerNews. Today, situations often arise when another recently released technology, which in fact is unremarkable, gathers a lot of noise and attracts attention. Despite the significant progress in the field of programming that has happened in recent years, any single technology that solves all the accumulated problems has not yet been invented.

2. The basics. There is a certain set that cannot be found in trends on HackerNews, and in vacancies it is extremely rare. It includes:

  • linked lists;
  • data structures;
  •  trees
  • floyd’s algorithm detecting cycles;
  •  advanced search.

All of these questions often arise during interviews, where fundamental knowledge plays a role in the first place, not trends. Analytical skills are also highly valued. At such times, developers, who consider knowledge of trends to be their main advantage, become frustrated and face misunderstandings. The various communities that supervise newcomers in most cases do not facilitate the adaptation and learning process. They confuse students even more.

3. Education. Writing web applications is pretty commonplace. People working in this field of activity have gained rich experience and developed many practices. Before the advent of frameworks and during their launch, when they were still something new and incomprehensible to everyone, it was rather difficult to write codes. Mostly PHR or CGI was used as a writing tool. Today, the availability of reviews of various codes, as well as the ability to fully discuss them with specialists at any time, plays an important role. This can help beginners learn faster and easier, avoid performing various unnecessary actions. Such actions become a source of expenditure of effort, energy and time, but it is rather difficult to understand all the nuances discussed on forums and other platforms. Particular difficulties are experienced by beginners in the field of programming.

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4. Comparison. When a person, embarking on the path of a new type of activity, begins to compare his work and its results with others – this is quite normal and understandable. This step is an attempt to assess the result of the actions taken, as well as to understand the level of the developer. But turning it into a habit is definitely not worth it. This is due to the fact that it is irrational to compare your work with the work of an experienced person. Once upon a time, he, too, was on a completely different level. Such an analysis will only reduce motivation, leading to a number of doubts and questions. The main answer to them is the same: no one can study and know everything, and each individual experience is very important. The periods when the process of acquiring new knowledge for oneself stops, occurs for everyone. In this case, the main thing is to find new and interesting tasks for yourself in time. We recommend combining useful with pleasant.

5. Mistakes and bad experiences. Sometimes mistakes are critical. It would seem that there can be a good thing when, due to several wrong actions, the entire system becomes in a precarious position, risking collapsing with a crash and making all the work done earlier in vain. But it is from these moments that the most important experience is drawn. Lessons learned in such extreme conditions will be remembered for a long time, and sometimes forever. It is rather difficult to learn this by reading books and even gaining deep knowledge that does not go beyond the framework of theory. In most cases, this is completely impossible, so practice is one of the most effective methods of promoting your own work, skills and abilities.

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