Who is Accountable for a Business Vehicle Collision?

No one wants to become a victim of a horrific car crash and sustain severe injuries. Many accident victims become partially or fully disable. Yet, on a daily basis, hundreds of people die in traffic collisions, and many suffer mild to serious injuries. Despite strict rules and regulations, most automobile accidents happen due to negligence or recklessness. 

If your company’s motor vehicle driver ends up hitting a pedestrian or another car, get in touch with an expert Queens car accident lawyer before the situation gets complicated. Police and victims often blame and take legal action against the owner when a business vehicle causes an accident. The issue of liability becomes a bit complex when a collision involves a company four-wheeler.

You should read the rest of the part thoroughly if you pay someone monthly for driving your business car. Light is shed on the person liable for a company motor vehicle accident, injuring other individuals and damaging their properties.

Who Will Pay Compensation – The Company, Employed Driver, or Third-Party?

The person accountable for causing the car collision, injuries, and damages will have to pay compensation. It can be anyone among the employer, driver, and third party.


Many companies pay fair compensation to injured victims even if the driver is solely responsible for the crash. A lawyer specializing in injury law can help you (business owner) understand whether your driver’s actions fall under the vicarious liability doctrine.

Here’s when an employer will be liable to pay compensation.

  • If the employed driver’s actions fall under the scope of the job
  • If the accident took place when the driver was on duty
  • If the employer instructed the driver to perform an activity that caused the crash

Rest assured that you won’t have to pay any money if none of the above happens.

Employed Driver

Your driver will have to pay for damages and injuries that accident victims sustain if he was not on duty when the collision occurred. Also, suppose it is found that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs when the accident happened. In that case, he will be liable and have to provide financial compensation.


If it is learned soon after an accident involving your business vehicle that a third party is accountable, then that individual or entity has to pay for injuries and damages. It might happen that another driver recklessly drove a car and collided with your company’s four-wheeler, which ended up hitting a pedestrian or cyclist. In such a case, neither a company nor an employed driver is accountable for paying compensation to accident victims.

Summing Up

Being the business owner, it’s your responsibility to pay employees’ compensation to your employed driver if he sustains injuries when your company car gets involved in a collision. Ensure you have a knowledgeable car accident injury lawyer by your side. Doing so will help you take the right steps and avoid further legal issues when you know your business vehicle damaged another car and caused injuries. more interesting articles read at IITSWEB


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