Sola wood flowers in Ogden

When I met a wedding planner, I was a little perplexed when she introduced me to a lower-cost alternative to fresh flowers called sola wood flowers. She didn’t care for fresh flowers since she thought they were wasteful and wanted to use my floral cash on more expensive rental choices.

As a bride, my fantasy wedding had fresh cut flowers, but in the meanwhile, it was a little disconcerting that my wedding planner had such faith in handmade wooden roses for my reception flowers. This confusion motivated me to ask her about these blooms, and I learned so much about sola wood flowers for my Ogden wedding decorations.

How to make a bouquet of sola wood flowers?

The procedure begins with selecting the flowers a bride wants to use. Then these flowers are either hand paint, dip dye, airbrushed, or a combination of all three, depending on the final appearance a wedding planner or bride wants to achieve. It is so easy to transform ivory wooden blooms into colored wood flowers (even a child can do this with little practice, of course). Afterward, they’re individually stemmed, and florists or wedding planners add foliage and fillers before arranging them in a bridal bouquet form.

What makes sola wood flowers special?

When I asked this question to her, she had a long list of advantages to satisfy me. Some of these benefits are:

  • As a nature lover, I always prefer to choose environment-friendly options, and it is so delightful that wood flowers are 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable. The CO2 footprint of sola wood flowers is far minimum than fresh flowers.
  • These blooms are pollen-free, and it means now I can ask my granny to be a part of my wedding as she wasn’t able to before because of her pollen allergy issue.
  • Sola wood flowers are affordable, and couples who have limited budget issues can rent wood floral arrangements and bridal bouquets to cut maximum floral expenses.
  • Color options for sola wood flowers are also countless as these ivory-colored flowers can be dyed into any natural or glamorous color option. Now I can add purple wood flowers to my bridal bouquet, and it is also not a bad idea to have multicolored sola wooden roses.

Wedding planners love these blooms:

When I conversed with my wedding planner about sola wood flowers Ogden, I asked her why she preferred these artificial flowers? Her answer was so instant: “Wood flowers are simply perfect as wedding flowers. That is why I am obsessed with these blooms. Their durability, flexibility, and variations allow wedding planners and florists to get more freedom while experimenting with their floral centerpieces and bridal bouquets. We are also retention-free free during the transportation of floral arrangements to the wedding venue as it is easy to reform the deformed petals of sola wood flowers. In addition to it, these blooms last longer than fresh blooms in extreme weather conditions, especially for beachside weddings.”

My big day & sola wood flowers:

All these reasons are more than enough for me to decide to have wood flowers as my wedding blooms. Do you know what the best thing about sola wood flowers is?

I can keep my bridal bouquet as a keepsake of the most special day of my life, and it will always remain fresh even at my platinum wedding anniversary!


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