Which is the best rental accommodation option- PG or Flats?

Which is the best rental accommodation option- PG or Flats?

Certainly, finding the most appropriate accommodation is the most challenging task when migrating to a new city. The growing population in cities has increased demand for flats and apartments, resulting in the price increase also. If you are a youngster and want to move to Delhi, you must look for 

accommodation options such as PGs and flats. Well, all these options have their pros and cons. This post aims to discuss the pros of both options and will guide you towards the best between the two at the end.

Perks of staying in flats 

Well, flats are the entire house given on lease by the landlord to the tenant. Flats can be both purchased or taken on rent. As of today, the trend of residing in flats on rent is increasing. There are many options available for flats for rent in Delhi. So, depending on the preferences, the person can decide which option he is more interested in.

  • Increased Comfort- If you are a private person and do not want other people’s interference in your life, then flats are the only recommended accommodation option. If you are moving to a new city with your family, then flats would only provide enough space and privacy to you and your family.
  • Rights over the whole flat- When you stay in a flat, you get exclusive rights to the property. You can decorate it the way you want to. You can also organize small parties and get-together events at your place without any intrusion by the landlord. 

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  • Secure- Another advantage of staying in a flat is that it provides more security than PGs. In PGs, other tenants can easily enter your room. On the other hand, a flat is a completely secure option as you can install a security lock system that would help in preventing theft.
  • Suitable for pets– Another advantage of staying in a flat is that one can keep their pets. If you are a pet lover, flats could be the best accommodation option.

Perks of staying in a PG

Most of the students and working professionals consider PGs the most affordable method of accommodation. The following are some of the benefits of accommodating in a PG discussed:

  • Affordable– The most important factor of favouring PGs over rent is that they are cheaper and more affordable. So, people who do not want to incur daily household expenditure can choose this option over flats.
  • Security– Another benefit of staying in PG is that it is a secure option. The existence of landlords, other tenants, and neighbours from the society makes this option more secure than flats. 
  • Facilities– In PGs, all the basic facilities, namely food, laundry, refrigerator, AC, etc., are provided by the landlord itself. The tenant can enjoy all the facilities just with the basic accommodation cost.
  • Food– The major point of concern of parents whose children are staying in another city is his timely intake of food. In PGs, the food is prepared and offered by the landlord itself. So, the parents can put down their worries in regard to the food requirement of their child.

What to choose PG or flat?

Many people often find themselves confused between the two options. The following are the reasons why they should choose flat over PGs.

  • Privacy– If you are concerned about the factor of privacy, then you should go for flats. PGs provide you with a home-like environment. SO, the interference of other people into your life is pretty common. Therefore, to respect your privacy, you must opt for flats over PG.
  • Cost– PGs are usually less expensive as compared to renting a whole flat. So, if you are running low on budget, then you must choose PG over flat. Flats are a more suitable option for families whereas PGs are good for students or single youngsters.
  • Security– Well, both the accommodation options offer security but in different manners. PGs are secured because of the presence of the landlord and other tenants, whereas flats provide security because of the absence of other people on your property. 
  • Repair and Maintenance– If you have a tight budget and do not want to incur expenses on repair and maintenance of the place, then you should go for PGs. But if you can cover the cost, then you should go for flats.

These are the few points of discussion between the two options. Considering your needs and preferences, you can select the most suitable option. There are many options available for flats and single rooms on rent in Delhi. So, take a thorough approach towards the same and select the most appropriate one. 


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