Whom Should We Contact to Solve Lodha Group Complaints?

Whom Should We Contact to Solve Lodha Group Complaints?

Lodha Group is India’s leading real estate company and it offers a wide array of world-class housing and commercial spaces. Its passion is to create landmarks that meet global standards. The leading organisation believes in delivering world-class designs and uncompromised quality. The prestigious group has built a strong relationship of trust by spanning four decades with complete dedication, hard work, transparency and truthfulness. Having said that, in the recent times there have been some allegations of fraud and scam about Lodha Group. Over the web and people are scrolling for keywords like Lodha Group frauds, cheating etc. These all seem to be hoax news and there is no authenticity behind any of the accusations. 

Why Buyers Are Getting Trapped in Rumours About Lodha Group Complaints?

Buyers often look for sources where they can get a detailed explanation. Everyone has the right to enquire about his/her investment. People often conduct an internet search for quick results. As the internet contains a lot of information and it does not bother anyone to perform any physical effort, users normally pick it up as the easiest way to collect information. 

Some sites over the web are specially designed to garner the attraction of users. When sensitive information is posted at such sources, it receives hundreds of likes and comments instantly. A fake review may be seen and rated by tens of thousands of people and the defamatory content can easily destroy the hard work and trust made by a reputed organization over many decades. Most of the people commenting and sharing these pieces of information are not even actual consumers of the said brand or have ever bothered to make a visit to verify the quality. 

How Do False Statements about Lodha Group Fraud Trend Over the Internet?

Sensational information has been regularly shared over the internet without any fact-checking. For some bloggers and online users, sharing false information about a person or business has become a medium to create a buzz for followers. It’s all about gaining publicity rather than to confirming the credibility of the subject. Despite knowing the fact of the statement, people start to share the unauthorized content and make it a highlight.

Why Information About Lodha Group Complaints Is Most Likely a Rumour?

When we asked people to share their opinion on the kinds of material they encounter over the internet related to the rumours to defame the reputation of the Lodha group, we found that the majority has reported that the content is misleading and has been spread over the web to just feel negative about the group. People have shown lots of trust on the credibility of the builder and gave less importance to social media outcomes. In some instances, people told us that the internet is the best medium to know more about global happenings. Social media users gave us a report of negative experiences with the content they see on such platforms which is not authentic. The survey was leading us to the conclusion that content that introduced Lodha group as a fraud organisation seemed to be obviously false or untrue.

Despite the content that provokes negative feelings toward Lodha Group, we have also found authentic content where users have shared their true experiences. Not the entire web contains the negative information about Lodha’s legacy and there were fans too who described Lodha’s contributions to the skyline are commendable. The reputed real estate company doesn’t focus only on the goals of making profits but is also involved in numerous well-being contributions. Therefore, buyers or investors should not provide much importance to news or rumours related to Lodha Group Cheating.

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Lodha Group – A True Contributor to Development

Lodha Group’s contribution to the society is commendable. Through Lodha Foundation the company focuses on empowerment of the marginalized section of the society. Their focus areas include education, health and life skills. Thousands of people have benefited because of Lodha Foundation. During pandemic, Lodha Group also distributed meals to those in need in the city of Mumbai. Additionally, they also contributed by conducting vaccination drive, making vaccine accessible to all people of the society. 

What Is the Best Medium to Enquire About Complaints Related to Lodha Group?

Instead of getting trapped into trategies to defame the credibility of Lodha Group, buyers should acquire the most trusted and reliable medium to get the details of the company. The ‘Contact Us’ section of company’s official website contains an experienced team of professionals to rectify all your doubts and queries. When we log on to the section, we got a satisfactory reply and they neglected the entire aspect of the Lodha Group scam with solid proof. Details are available to reach out for the Mumbai Headquarter and Dubai office. Office addresses with email, contact numbers and other options have been mentioned to provide convenience to the users.


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