Top 3 Enterprise Developer Trends for 2021

Top 3 Enterprise Developer Trends for 2021

Technology changes over time. Over the past, they have changed very much. In addition to the technology itself, even the approach to developing and delivering enterprise software has changed. Early on, we saw how computing drives data centers and servers. Now we see a completely different situation: the infrastructure has become the code for the clouds that perfectly masters these tasks.

In 2020, software as a service (SaaS) revenue grew from 2% to 23% in revenue. Infrastructure as a service and platform as a service (Pas and IaaS) have also developed, and their number is gradually increasing and will double by 2022.

As the transition to the cloud is rapidly accelerating across platforms of all tiers, DataArt has prepared the top three trends that will definitely reshape enterprise software development and delivery in the near future.

Let’s consider them in more detail:

  1. We treat all parts of the system as a code.

Every day more and more enterprises are moving to dynamic and multi-platform compact as well as complex infrastructures. There is a gradual transition to the “Everything as code” approach. This practice allows all parts of the system to be treated like code. You can mix your services any way you like. Feel free to store configurations and source code in personal repositories (such as SVN or GIT). In simple terms, business is moving to software workflows.

The advantages of this approach:

  • Improving product traceability
  • Phoenix servers, systems, and applications are easier to recreate
  • Unified view as well as improved partnership among teams
  1. VPC-as-a-Service is developing rapidly.

Virtual Private Cloud as a Service (VPC-as-a-Service) is a service provided primarily by large public cloud providers. The costs of operating a VPC are quite high today and such an approach, unfortunately, cannot yet solve all the problems related to the security and performance of these companies.

The virtual private cloud as a service approach is more reliable and convenient. Scale-out multi-tenant cloud shared servers with ease.

Benefits of VPC-as-a-service:

  • High level of data security
  • Service and environment are fully manageable
  • Cloud public service of multi-tenant nature
  1. A simple open-source introduction to infrastructure

The community of open-source enterprise software developers is expanding due to architectural shifts and the introduction of innovative approaches. Over the past ten years, these communities have dramatically changed middleware as well as operating systems and some rendering levels. This was done to get a good profit.

2021 will give us new benchmarks in other virtual services (Storage Management, CASB, as well as WAF). IaaS and PaaS will become the fastest-growing segments.

The new open-source framework will have the following benefits:

  • The total cost of ownership will decrease
  • New ways of working will emerge

2021 will bring us a rethinking of meeting the needs of existing customers and attracting new ones. A truly new era of approach to software delivery has begun!

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