Student Accommodation in Dubai

Student Accommodation

Dubai is home to hundreds of thousands of higher education students across a multitude of reputable universities and institutes. From locally established education providers to prominent international institutions who have brought campuses to Dubai, students are spoiled for choice. Due to its beneficial location and availability of flights, the city is also a popular study destination for young individuals coming from all over the world.

With a large number of students coming to Dubai to pursue higher education, there is a considerable need for appropriate accommodations. Student housing is a relatively underdeveloped market in the region. Some universities, colleges and institutes have their own on-campus accommodations for their students. However, these housing complexes usually do not offer enough rooms to accommodate the demand for housing. Institutions may also offer off-campus accommodations affiliated with the university or students may simply choose to rent apartments or alternative shared accommodations with their peers. Living off-campus is often not ideal as many students do not have their own cars and public transport can be tricky depending on where an individual resides in Dubai.

The existing student housing market is very basic in terms of the facilities and services provided within the rooms and establishments offered to students. Often, student housing can be described as just an accommodation to sleep in and perform basic needs. There is a lack of holistic communities where students can live comfortably, affordably and have access to facilities and resources to support their learning. 

In recent years, there has been an increase in developments being provided to offer better living arrangements for students in Dubai. A number of student housing complexes have emerged, that are dedicated exclusively to students and their needs. These communities offer flexible rates, well designed rooms, rents inclusive of utilities, services, convenience and recreational facilities in order for students to feel more at home and improving the overall quality of the student accommodation market.

Dubai-based students now have a wider range of choice between appropriate accommodation providers located closer to major education hubs such as Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP). This in turn improves the quality of life of students who have to spend less time and effort and funds looking for suitable housing options. They no longer have to worry about complicated commutes as many of these accommodation providers are located in close proximity to major universities and institutes or they offer transportation services to their residents. Students can also feel a part of a community where they live alongside their peers and individuals of a similar age group. 


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