Essay Writing for College University and IELTS Students

Writing an essay presents various challenges for students especially during higher studies. There are not only research-based pieces but also answers which need to be written in the form of essays. Both college and IELTS students experience these struggles at a broad scale. Costing them grades and facing failures despite their best efforts. Therefore, we bring you some simple and valuable tips to easily overcome this stressful hurdle.

Correct approaches to essay writing for college/university students

  1. Brainstorm for topics

This step is useful in case you are not assigned a topic by your instructor. If the choice is left to you then you must go for a topic that sparks your inspiration.

While brainstorming you need to think about the premises of your assignment and narrow down ideas which fit in. You can either create a list or a map to help you pick an issue which has the most potential.

  • In-depth research

This phase should never be neglected when preparing to work on an academic piece. It is not possible to craft a well-rounded and informed study without background research.

When you are choosing your topic make sure that there is relevant research material available. Spend time on research but also stop yourself once you have the gathered the information you need. It is easy to get carried away reading and exploring concepts and theories. Especially with the internet providing access to a vast number of scholarly sources.

  • Craft an outline

When it comes to writing tips, our experts at essay writing services insistently suggest this one. Creating an outline will always keep you on track during the final drafting of your essay.

Split the outline into the three basic essay sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. While researching, take note of the points you want to include in each part.

Your ideas will be better organized this way and there will be less chances of missing any points. The outline will also help you clearly see the parts that are too weak for including in the essay.

  • Revise with attention to detail

You want your essay to be as perfect as possible if aiming for a high grade. This can be achieved through multiple revisions. Rarely will you be able to get everything right in the first attempt.

Once your first draft is completed, set it aside for a few days. Return back to it after some time and read through carefully. This will enable you to immediately see any flaws in the structure or smaller mistakes in grammar or spellings.

Correct approaches to essay writing for IELTS students

  1. Understand the question

In the case of IELTS students, their essay writing service tasks consists of responding to a specific question. Without knowing the question, you cannot accurately write an essay of this nature. Go through it carefully and identify which type of answer it needs. Should it present a discussion, perspective, solution to an issue, or a blend of all.

  • Map your ideas

Give yourself five minutes to brainstorm before starting on the task. Jot down different views and aspects that are relevant to the issue. You will receive a higher score if your ideas are planned and organized thoughtfully. It will also allow you to see exactly how your essay will turn out.

  • Familiarize yourself with common topics

Before sitting in an IELTS exam, it is wise to broaden your scope of knowledge. Develop a consistent reading habit bygoing through all types of material. Be it newspapers, articles, literary works, scholarly journals, and so on. Not only will it improve your knowledge but also your vocabulary and writing skills.

  • Time management

As IELTS writing tasks are time bound, you must hone your time management skills. You are given around 40 minutesto complete the essay task. Take five minutes for planning, 36-37 minutes for writing, and the last few minutes for reviewing. This will efficiently cover all your bases.

  • Lexical resources

One of the four Assessment Criteria applied in IELTS are the Lexical Resources. This contributes to the final score you receive for the written tasks. They encompass the usage of sufficient vocabulary range, correct spellings, and accurate implementation of word formation and collocations. Therefore, the examiner is looking for these when checking your answer. So, keep it in mind to write accordingly.

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