5 Qualities of the best teacher

5 Qualities of the best teacher

A good teacher is a lifelong learner and students remember them for many years to come. The best teacher comes out of their comfort zone to give maximum effort toward each one of its students. Students love that teacher who encourages them rather than pressurizes them. There are certain qualities that one teacher should possess to become a better teacher than others.

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  • Communication Skills
  • Friendly Attitude
  • Patient
  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Preparation

Communication Skills:

Communication is the first and foremost quality of a good teacher. A good teacher should be an effective communicator. To improve student’s ability to learn communication provides a vital role. It not only means what message does a teacher delivers to its students or how well it teaches its students. Communication is a two-way thing, the best teacher is a great listener. 

Use active listening skills to understand the other person’s needs and answering them with calmness. It will boost confidence in students to ask more questions and learn more. The best teacher is the one who has the ability to express their thoughts verbally, in writing, and in visual expressions. Good teachers also communicate with student’s parents to improve their learning process.

Friendly attitude:

A good teacher maintains a friendly attitude towards their students. It makes you more approachable and students will be motivated to gain knowledge. Teachers attitude have a lot of impact on students behavior and personality. Negative attitudes and behaviour will affect students study and confidence while a positive attitude provides motivation to learn and improve.

A friendly attitude also helps in student character building as they learn from teachers to be kind and friendly it will shape their behavior. A good tutor always has a friendly attitude and student is more likely to open to their teacher which will enhance productivity and encourage a learning environment. In today times, online teachers cooperate with students and maintain friendly behavior to get the best results from the student.


A good teacher always remains patient towards their students. As a teacher, it is a tough task to handle multiple children at one time and requires a huge amount of patience. Dealing with young students is a tricky task. A good teacher always remain calm and patient while dealing with them. Students feels much more comfortable with calm and collected teachers.

 Best teachers are the ones which find reasons behind children disturbed behavior. While lack of patient will have a negative impact on students. The good teacher knows how to tackle different individuals of multiple age groups with the help of communication. Patience and friendly behavior is the best possible way for a good tutor or an online teacher to handle the situation.

Flexible and Adaptable:

A teacher knows when to be flexible and when to be rigid if needed. He or She should be flexible to adapt to different situations. Every student has a different background like social, economic and ethnic so, a good teacher is sharp minded and flexible to comfort the child to provide the best possible learning environment.

The best teacher always adapts a mix of teaching methodology to ensure that every student is able to understand the lesson. With the help of flexibility students feel accepted and comfortable which enhance learning process and students participate more in class and remain involved.


The best teacher is the ones who came prepared for their class and knows related questions from the lectures. The teacher should answer it in the best possible way to improve understanding.  The prepared teacher feels confident while addressing the class. A good teacher knows the related topics to teach effectively and clear out the concepts to students.

Children trust their teacher and expected them to answer every question of their and a good teacher is always and must be prepared for all different types of question. The teacher also provides an effective answer to ensure that student understands and gain knowledge from an answer. 

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