How Much Is Routine Maintenance On A BMW?

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BMW builds luxurious and high-performance vehicles. The maintenance cost of BMW is much higher than the other cars. For routine maintenance, the BMW owners should budget up to £1200 per year. However, extended warranties can help lower the cost of maintenance and repair. Here are some of the common services for BMW, the average cost for maintenance or repair, and the way to lower overall costs.

What are the common services for BMW?

According to research, BMW owners pay an average of £900 per year on maintenance and repair. There are few common services for BMW:

  • Oil exchange
  • Engine filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Windshield wiper motor replacement
  • Turbocharger assembly replacement.
  • Oxygen sensor replacement
  • Car starter repair
  • Replacement of window motor regulator
  • BMW M135i Remap is the kind of service that can be extra expensive.

Remember, if you go for an oil change to a dealer, the dealers will probably do a full checkup, and this checkup can add to the cost. The possible way to save money is doing some maintenance work yourself. Well, you need to be confident and make sure to consult a professional in case of any doubts.

What determines BMW maintenance cost?

BMW is known for its high maintenance and repair costs. This car is very expensive to maintain. However, it varies depending on the vehicle. Its M line and SUVs are more costly to maintain. The reason why BMW 3 series are so popular is that these are the most affordable models to maintain. The maintenance involves changing engine oil after every 10.000 miles, brake pads every 90,000 miles, oil filters after every 60.000 miles, and replacing parts that wear out. You can get additional details on your car from the website of BMW.

What is the standard maintenance and repair cost of BMW?

BMW owners spend an average of £900 per year on repairs and maintenance. Keep in mind that maintenance of a car involves a change of oil filter, tire rotations, brake pads, and engine oil, etc., while repairs are required when the parts break unexpectedly. For the BMW 3 series, the amount you would pay annually if you buy a car now would be £40,000. For five series, it would be £50,000, and for M4, the maintenance would be £5,000. These cars are built well, and in the first five years, it comes with free repairs. Its warranty extends for 50,000 miles, and right after its ending, the owners have to pay up to £1000 per year on repairs.

The maintenance cost of BMW is more expensive than many other brands. As compared to Mercedes, a BMW can cost £500 more to maintain ten years. If you have considering buying a BMW used or new, you need to know the repair and maintenance cost. The costs of maintenance grow up as you move up with the mode; types. The owners of M4 pay more than the owners of the three series. Several companies offer several options for coverage, from basic security to comprehensive plans.


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