List of 10 Best software To Create Video Tutorials

10 Best software To Create Video Tutorials

Selecting a particular choice of software isn’t as easy as it seems as beneath this cloak of ease lies the problem of being exposed to a variety of options. You have to be meticulous in picking the software that you would use in creating your tutorial videos since failure to take into consideration all necessary factors may portend doom for your tutorial video creation process. The best software for video tutorials like iSpring Suite is one sure way to avoid the embarrassment that comes with making videos that are not at par with industry standards and specifications. 

What is a Video Tutorial Software?

A video tutorial software is an invention used by course creators and instructional designers to create video resources that would engage and interact with the learners while maintaining the sanctity of learning.

The 10 Best Video Tutorial software 

You should note that in settling for a choice of video tutorial software, you must exercise your discretion and weigh all necessary odds. You must take into consideration special factors like your budget, the type of videos you want to create, organizational needs and preferences, and also influencing external factors.

In a bid to make the selection process easier for you, we have curated a list of 10 best video training software and they include: 

1. iSpring Suite

 iSpring Suite sits comfortably at the highest rung of the video training ladder as a result of its unique and amazing features. This tool performs a variety of video functions hence, it is a top pick. iSpring Suite possesses a user-friendly interface so navigation during usage is not rocket science. With this video authoring tool, you can create professional-looking videos in PowerPoint since it allows you to perform a variety of functions and add a variety of effects.

With iSpring Suite, you can add captions, titles, infographics, images, and transition effects to your video to ensure maximum quality. It also affords you the luxury of creating slide-based courses for the comfort of your learner. With its interactive quiz feature, you can create engaging and immersive quizzes and dialog simulations that would test the level of knowledge that your learners possess on the subject matter. 

2. Camtasia

This tool just like iSpring Suite is easy to use and navigate as a result of its simple user- interface. It combines both screencasting and webcam functions. This tool lets you record audio clips to get the perfect audio for your video or you can even select your choice of an audio track from its vast collection of royalty-free audio tracks. You can easily add animations and overlays with this tool to fine-tune your video. Also, your learner’s knowledge can be adequately tested with its quiz feature.

3. Filmora Scrn

Filmora scrn has cemented its place as one of the great interactive video authoring tools as a result of its robust editing features. With Filmora scrn, you can pan zoom and have a detailed frame- by- frame preview. It also has simple tutorial features a good example being its ability to draw circles and arrows on your screen to command undivided attention from your learners.

You do not have to worry about manually uploading your videos to Youtube as with a single click you can upload your video to the platform. Your video can also be stored in a variety of formats ranging from MP4 to GIF and MOV.

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4. Wirewax

Wirewax is an interactive video authoring tool boasting about 40,000 users all over the globe. This tool assists your learners in creating immersive and powerful content by allowing you to add clickable touchpoints to anything or anyone in the video which can be linked to clickable overlays that reveal themselves when your learners interact with the video. 

This tool allows you to either create your unique hotspots or overlays or select one from a vast array of pre-installed hot spot templates. With this software, you can gamify your user’s experience by adding loops, skips, and pauses.

5. Rapt Media

 One unique feature of this software is its cloud-based offerings. With this tool, you can create navigable video experiences. You can also add clickable elements and branches to let viewers take the path they want. This tool allows you to embed your training video anywhere including your app and website. With its inbuilt analytics features, you can track the performance of the video amongst learners. 

6. Verse

Verse allows you to create a story-like training video to take your learners on an interactive journey. With its features, you can seamlessly merge your videos to convey a thought. This software converts static into dynamic digital experiences. Clickable objects, hotspots, and multi-media can be easily added to your videos. Its inbuilt analytics tool also tracks in-video interactions and activity among users.

7. Animaker

This software simply uses cartoons to convey knowledge to your learners while giving you the freedom to determine their range of movement and function. You should note that these characters are preset hence, one has the luxury of choosing from a broad spectrum of characters in the character and icon library.  You can also decide to change your choice of character. 

With this tool, you can create animated videos using infographics, 2.5D, handcraft, and white card animations. 

Editing software

8. Open Shot

Openshot is a simple yet efficient video editor as it offers you a broad range of editing functions. With Openshot, you can trim, scale, adjust, rotate and clip scale. You can also add effects and animation to your video to ensure it is of the best quality. This software also comes free.

9. Filmora9

Filmora9 possesses both basic and advanced editing tools. You do not have to be tech-savvy to make use of this software as it offers you a great interface. From its library called Filmstock, you can download a vast array of audio, media, and visual effects. Some interesting perks which filmora9 boasts of include: camera shake fixing, speaker speed control, 4k editing, and 3D LUTS.

10. Adobe Premiere Pro

 What distinguishes this software from the rest of the pack is its ability to professionally edit videos as it offers majorly advanced video editing. This option might not be appropriate for amateur video editors as it offers features that only professionals can navigate and adeptly deploy. You can also edit videos in any format from 8k to Virtual reality.

Wrapping up

Although iSpring Suite would naturally be our top pick, any of the tools listed above would do justice to creating top-notch tutorial videos. You should focus solely on creating indelible content for your audience, these tools would definitely help bring your content to life. 


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