Top Ways to Save Money for Dream Wedding

Top Ways to Save Money for Dream Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. It is the day when we promise our significant other our whole lives, loyalty, and living. The dream wedding for any couple can be different but one thing that stays constant is the amount of money we have to spend on the day. From catering, location, decoration, invitation, rituals, and more demands a huge amount of money and saving funds. A wedding day is an expensive affair in most cases. Hence, we have come up with some great ideas that you can follow to save money for your D-Day.  

Avoid Peak Season – 

Avoiding peak season will save you go amount of money. In the peak season, everything is costlier than normal as the demand is not the same. When the demand for venues, florists, caterers increases, the price they demand is also more than usual. You can find a time when not many people are getting married. This idea will save your pocket with extra funds left that can be used for different other things. 

Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits – 

Opting for a fixed deposit and recurring deposit on the amount of money you have saved for your big day will add up some amount of interest to the same. Hence, by saving your money and handing it over to the bank you can also earn extra interest on the same and multiply your money to spend on your dream wedding. If you have a big amount you can opt for a Fixed deposit option in a reputable bank and if you have a small amount that you want to save for a short term, then you can opt for a recurring deposit. You can also open a zero balance savings account and save money in that and earn added interest on the saved amount. 

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Mutual Funds – 

Investing in Mutual Funds is a great way to watch your saved money grow. These are proficiently managed investment schemes, and they provide better returns. Look upon the risks s well as the returns of investing in Mutual Funds before opting for any decision.

Save On Invitation Cost – 

Invitation costs in the present times can be cut short easily. With the advent of the internet and easy usage of it on our smartphones, almost all age groups of people are available on some of the other social media platforms. Bringing that to use you can design a software-based graphical invitation and sent it out to people on their mails, WhatsApp, or any other platform as it suits them. It will save you a good amount of money and will also be a great ‘go-green’ initiative that you will follow.

Choose The Right Location and Venue – 

The right location and the venue will need your most attention. The massive chunk of your savings for the day will go into deciding the location and venue. Do your research properly and look for a location that suits your budget. If you have a good chunk of money to spend only then opt for 5-star hotels and resorts otherwise there are fairly good options available in the market that can be considered for the rituals to take place. Click here for more details.


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