HR challenges in the UAE and how to overcome them

HR challenges in the UAE and how to overcome them

Human resources are the life of every organization. When the company’s HR is well managed, only then can the business see productive growth. So, the HR department of any business enterprise, irrespective of size, is essential. 

Mismanagement of the organization’s HR can lead to various workplace issues resulting in employee turnover. So, how do you think organizations in the UAE have managed to overcome such HR issues? Starting from recruitment to training & development, the new employees are handled seamlessly by UAE employers. Even though every industry in the UAE encountered various HR issues, quality HR management through Human Resource Management Software has simplified the overall HR operations and functions. 

Companies in the UAE have assessed and realized the potential of online HR Software. Thus, they have strategically replaced the manual and traditional approach of HR management with a data-driven scientific approach. So, let’s go through some of the HR challenge examples below. This will give a rough idea of existing HR challenges within any organization and how to face such challenges. 

HR challenge 1: Recruitment

The working stage of employees begins from the recruitment stage itself. So are the HR management processes. Sorting out suitable candidates from the lots for the new job position is an extra burden to the HR department. Later, it is upon the HR managers to introduce new employees to the work environment and formulate training & development programs. The primary reason behind the recruitment challenge is the pre-employment assessments. If something goes wrong, the company will hire the wrong person for the job. 

As a solution to this recruitment challenge, the HR managers of the UAE companies set up a scheduled hiring process which is mainly automated by the HRM software. 

HR challenge 2: Employees productivity

Working in the same work environment and workplace doing the same old repetitive tasks reduces the employees’ productivity. When employees feel restricted and do not enjoy their work, low productivity will affect the workforce’s overall performance. Job satisfaction is the key to efficient employees and high work productivity. To overcome the workplace issue faced by the organization’s HR, there are various ways to improve it. 

HR managers should apply for job rotation and job collaborations as a solution. This would allow the employees at different levels to gather work knowledge and skills. In short, UAE’s businesses solved the employee productivity issue by enforcing suitable HR software. The employee time-tracking module of the HR software helps record employee attendance and absenteeism. When any negative activity is recorded, proactive solutions can be enforced accordingly. 

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HR challenge 3: Payroll errors

Payroll errors are the most common HR challenge faced by almost every organization. When payroll records are done traditionally, the risk of human error is legit. Because the payroll system won’t correct by itself. Minor errors over time build up to a considerable error which can only be noticed late during payroll checks. Incorrect payroll will demotivate the employees and reduce job satisfaction. 

That’s why the companies in the UAE have employed reliable and very functional online HR software with an in-built payroll module. This payroll processing software and attendance records evaluate accurate payrolls for the employees. An automated payroll system also ensures timely payment of paychecks and records. 

HR challenge 4: Compliance

Compliance issue is something that, when encountered, could be pretty ugly. For example, the UAE’s banking sector has a strict policy to eliminate compliance issues by forming strong HR compliance policies. While in small and medium businesses, compliance challenges arise in the form of employee misclassification. That is why UAE employees have professional insurance for protection against compliance risks. 

Whether a compliance issue occurs intentionally or unintentionally, it is the duty of the HR management to find the root cause and formulate a rigid solution. Anyhow, online HR software in the UAE is already compliance checked. So, installing the right HR software will take care of the HR management’s compliance issues. 

HR challenge 5: Work culture and communication

Adapting to new work culture is somewhat of a challenge for new employees, especially in the UAE, where work culture is pretty rigid in some cases. Along with work culture, communication is a significant HR challenge that still exists in every organization worldwide. Irrespective of the diverse workforce, improper communication channels are also a problem. The difference in culture and miscommunication among HR managers and employees lead to the evolvement of such HR challenges. 

When the relationship between the HR managers and employees is well-maintained, culture and communication challenges will reduce. HR managers in the UAE have assessed and created processes to increase cultural exchanges among the workforce. To manage the diverse human resources of the company, cultural awareness programs can be scheduled. Besides these practical measures, reliable HR software will automatically overtake any communication challenges through its cloud system and different modules.


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