How To Style Minimalist Jewellery In A Creative Way

How To Style Minimalist Jewellery In A Creative Way

Following the famous quote “Less is more”, minimalist jewellery pieces are becoming the talk of the town. They are dainty and subtle yet glamourous. You will find more and more women turning to minimalist jewellery nowadays. And why not? These pretty pieces can instantly add a chic edge to the whole look.

If you love minimalist jewellery and want to create your own style, you are at the right place. In this article, we have tried to gather some of the best tips on how to style them perfectly. Just read and follow!

  • Opt for clean and simple pieces with statement stones

When it comes to minimalist jewellery, you do not have to be too fussy. Try simple and elegant pieces – be it your chain or bracelet. However, there is one thing that you can add creatively: one statement stone. For example, a simple gold chain with a sparkling pendant or a stone in your ring. You can also opt for pearls to make the jewellery more classy and chic. 

  • Go colourful

If gold and metal chains are not your cup of tea, you can also try colourful necklaces. Many Instagram influencers are trying out minimalist jewellery carved in shape of flowers. Beads are also quite famous but only with muted colours. This colour styling can also be done with your nose pins. 

  • Try layering

Layering is one of the best ways to style minimalist jewellery. You can pick a bunch of simple gold necklace sets and layer them over a deep neck dress. It will add an extra edge to your look. The same layering style also looks good with bracelets. Choose dainty bracelets of different metals and pair them together. This way, you can restyle the same jewellery into a whole new set!

  • Don’t forget the rings

Rings are the best to infuse a feminine touch to your whole attire in an instant. If you don’t want to wear bracelets, rings can come to your rescue. And the best part? You can pair them with any attire – be it professional pants or a boho kurti. Get some midi, normal, or skinny rings for your fingers. Stacking the rings is also getting quite popular. If you want to have a hipster look, you can also pair statement minimalist rings together. 

  • Get a vogue look with hoops

Hoops have been in the fashion industry for a long time. Due to their effortless versatility, they keep making a comeback. Nowadays, hoops are coming in different shapes and sizes. They are no longer just circular. You can find triangular, hexagonal or even oval-shaped hoops. Some are also a bit thick to add a hint of glamour. You can pick a pair based on your face shape and attire. 

  • Go bold with dainty chokers

Chokers go a long way in making sure of that your look has a perfect balance of boldness and elegance. These tight neck pieces adorn your neckline and accentuate its features. Just pick a complement dainty choker and get ready to dazzle everyone with your shining persona. To be more playful, you can also pair a choker with long-chained pendants, especially if you are wearing a V-neck top. 

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  • Set the record with anklets

If you are a fan of anklets, minimalist style will definitely become your favourite. No doubt that it’s a bit difficult to style anklets but once you have cracked the secret, there is no going back. For a minimalist yet creative look, try a simple chain anklet or go for one with small beads. There are also layered anklets with little trinkets. If you like a bohemian look, that’s the right choice. 

The Takeaway

Minimalist jewellery is winning hearts ever since it made its way into the market. Now that you have the tips, it is time to buy some for yourself and start style. Just make sure your purchase authentic pieces from a trusted buyer to maintain their elegance. 


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