How To Buy Instagram Followers

We all are some way or the other tempted to buy instagram followers. Whether it be to boast the numbers among your peers or to get a head start for your influencer career. Having many followers comes with a lot of perks. Your brand won’t have to start from scratch in order to expand and if you want to get brand deals, having many insta followers help companies to trust you as an advertiser. With good instagram skills you can earn some share of the  $5.8 billion that brands are spending on instagram influencers in 2021. In this article we will help guide on how to buy instagram followers.

Let’s start by learning step by step how to buy instagram followers.

Do not fall for scam websites

Instagram has been cracking down on fake accounts and bots for the past three years, so many fake Insta followers sellers have gone out of business. Right now finding a trustworthy and reputable Instagram followers provider can be difficult. In this sea full of scams in the black market you have to find one such website that A will not steal your money and B you are not subjected to identity theft. is a great website to buy Instagram followers. We’ll explain why later in the article.

Do you want followers in bulk or on a daily basis

If you don’t want people to find out that you are buying fake followers you need to be smart with how many followers you want to buy. Often sellers give you a choice to either get thousand or more followers all at once or get a set amount of followers everyday until you no longer need their services. Having steady follower growth will help you fool instagram. You will gain followers naturally on your own while simultaneously through Instagramfollowers provider. It will not raise any suspicions and your brand will seem legitimate. On the other hand if you are impatient and in a haste to boost your dead account, buying a thousand followers all at once can give your account a much needed kick start.

Do you want to buy likes and comments as well?

Should you stick to just buying insta followers or go a mile further and invest in some likes and comments as well? Well that all depends on your budget and requirements. But when you buy Instagram followers the main obstacle is how not to get caught. You can further protect your purchased fake followers by buying likes and comments. An engaging account will not raise suspicions while a 1000 followers account with 3 likes on posts will. 

Give your Instagram handle and credit card information

Getting started is the easiest part. All you need to do is tell your service provider on which instagram account they have to send fake followers. This process does not require your password, just your username. It may seem risky to give out your credit card information to a random company, but it is totally safe and secure. If you still have suspicions about your service provider you can either ask for a trial or start with purchasing a small amount of followers before you go all in.

Watch your followers increase

When you buy Instagram followers it’s only a matter of minutes before new followers start turning up on your account. It hardly takes a day if you have purchased it in bulk. Your followers will go from 69 to 690 in seconds!! If you have paid for likes and comments they might take a bit longer to show up your profile but it shouldn’t take more than a day. If your followers, likes and comments are taking longer to show up, call your service provider and discuss the issue with them. 

The exact number of followers, comments and likes you paid for will show up. If the service provider is not legit, they may scam you later after providing their services. You may see a decline in your followers in a few days. Be aware of such companies.

Where to buy Instagram followers

Where can you buy Instagram followers is a tough question because Instagram’s team is very determined in cracking down fake accounts. But we have a legitimate website for you, Upleap is safe, secure, authentic and affordable.

Does it work?

Absolutely. makes buying followers to grow your profile or brand on Instagram feasible to all at a very affordable price. As soon as you place your order, followers will start coming to your account within a 24 hour period.

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How fast will you gain followers?

After your purchase is made, you will start getting new followers to your account instantly (instant delivery literally) . They have great customer service so if it is taking too long you can get in touch with the Upleap’s employees and share your concerns.

Can you buy 1000 followers right away?

Absolutely! One of their deals comes with a significant discount and is typically purchased by regular clients who purchase a thousand followers all at once. Get in contact with them if you’d like to buy much greater than that in one go.

Is Upleap trustworthy and secure?

Another excellent question to which the quick response is a resounding yes! Upleap is a secure and dependable service. Purchasing followers generally is risk-free and will have no negative impact on your account. When buying followers, just make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company.

Is there a list of requisites?

Make sure your Instagram profile is set to a ‘Public’ account, and don’t alter your Insta username before you decide to  buy instagram followers. Aside from that, take a seat, chill, and wait for your fans to arrive! It’s basic and easy to understand.

Why should I purchase followers in the first place?

One of the most often requested questions is why buy instagram followers . A big online presence is always recommended as a crucial proving point for any prospective company or influencer. The more followers you gain, the more deals or bargains you’ll be able to make. That’s all there is to it!


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