How to solve the LiveUpdate issue on the PC?

norton live update

LiveUpdate is a utility tool of Norton antivirus. This special tool is used for managing the updates on your antivirus. When the new update for your Norton antivirus is available, LiveUpdate will install it immediately. But when your LiveUpdate is not working correctly; you need to repair it otherwise your Norton update will not be installed on the device. 

Repairing Norton LiveUpdate issues

Restart the PC

Your error on LiveUpdate can occur when it is trying to update the PC but the system is not ready. To get your system ready for new install or update; restarting the device is the best option. The user should immediately restart his system. Now open your Norton and check for LiveUpdate. If the LiveUpdate was not working due to runtime issues then restarting will fix the error.

Check the internet

LiveUpdate feature installs the latest update from the web. When the update process is interrupting then check for the internet. Updating errors appear when a user has connected the PC to an unreliable network. Users should run the update for Norton only in the secure internet connection. Disconnect the system from the public network and connect it to the personal one. Now retry Norton live update.

Remove junk from the PC

The updating process of your Norton antivirus can get interrupted with the device files. These files eat up your free space and use the RAM. Sometimes these files also start interrupting other processes. You have to remove all temp files from the device. After removing those files, open the other junk on your PC. Open every folder and check for those files. You can also run the Windows cleanmgr on the device. This inbuilt Windows cleanup tool will delete the junk. After removing the junk from the device; restart the Norton update process.

Remove another antivirus from the system

When the user has installed an antivirus security program then error while updating is common. Using two antiviruses on the device will create conflict. The user should inspect for another antivirus on the system. Open the programs folder and then click on the other antivirus program name. Tap the Uninstall button for removing the setup. Also, check for its files on the C drive and delete them. Now restart the device and check for the new update for Norton antivirus.

Revert the changes on your system

Some users face the Norton LiveUpdate error when they have made some changes on the security or update tab of the device. For troubleshooting the error, the user has to restart the antivirus and check for the changes. Undo those changes on the device for troubleshooting the error. Open your Update and Security tab and revert the changes you have made. If you can’t undo those changes manually then run the restoring tool. When you run the system restore tool; the changes will get reverted. After running the tool; restart the device and try to update the Norton.

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Repair system files

Users should also check for the system files when the antivirus is not updating. If the system files on the PC are corrupted; some of the functions and programs will stop working. Go to your system files and then check for errors. If those files are corrupted then repair them. But users can’t find these corrupted files and repair them manually. If he edits any wrong file; the system may stop working. Users can try running the sfc tool. It will repair the system files of the computer. You have to open the run wizard and type sfc/scannow. The sfc tool will take some to complete. After repairing all those files, go to your Norton antivirus and try to run LiveUpdate.

Remove the conflicting program

Some users get the LiveUpdate error message with a particular program. When the user is running that program; Norton immediately starts showing the error. The antivirus can show the error when the installed program is not reliable. Its files are interrupting the Norton update process. Users must remove that particular program from the device. The program can also cause various other errors on the device. Once the user uninstalls the program from the system, the antivirus will start working.

Reinstall a fresh Norton setup

Norton LiveUpdate can show errors when the program files are not working. The user should remove his corrupted Norton setup and then reinstall a new Norton program on the device.


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