How to Become a Highly Paid UX Designer in 2023?


UX designers do much valuable work in digital projects. They are responsible for making the user journey enjoyable and simple, including the right mix of features in the product design. However, the niche of UX/UI design is relatively new, so many businesses don’t understand the nuances of UX designers’ work within their digital app or website development pipeline.

The hourly UX design rates continue rising across the globe due to the increasing demand for these services. But when companies hire UX designers, many of them are unsure why they should pay that much. Some even think that UX designers just draw the screens and prototype the app’s interface for usability.

So, how can you determine a fair price for your work as a UX designer? And how can you climb up the career ladder to charge more for UX services? Here is a handy guide for UX designers to establish their reputation in the labor market and multiply their earnings in 2022.

Why So Expensive?

The first question every business owner asks when researching the UX design market is, “why so much?” UX designers don’t perform any coding; they are only designers.

It’s a superficial approach of a layperson not familiar with the nuances of UX design. In fact, UX designers don’t just draw the screens and wireframes. To arrive at a particular design solution that you see as a drawn sketch, they need to:

        Conduct     extensive UX research and find out what users need
  •     Analyze     the collected data to make sense of it
  •     Ideate     the design solution in the form of workable, practical design tips    
  •     Build     prototypes and frames to explain to all stakeholders why a     particular design choice will work out

This process is not as straightforward as it may seem. The UX designer needs to understand the target user well, determining the cognitive load on users at each step of the in-app journey to see what feature may work out at which stage. For instance, you can’t include anything time-consuming or complicated at the checkout; people have already done too much in the app to process more information at the end of the ordering process.

Credit: UX Collective

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What Are UX Designers Really Paid For?

The scope of a Ux designer’s responsibilities on the project is diverse. Since UX is primarily about usability, the UX designer has to work on delivering the best experience possible to the user while at the same time saving money for their employer in terms of tech and marketing. A UX designer is a valuable asset for the company if they manage to:

  •     Ensure     that the business is on track with its target audience’s experience
  •     Guarantee     that the company doesn’t waste money on unnecessary features
  •     Optimize     user experience with minimal tech involvement and a small marketing     burden    
  •     Provide     innovative usability solutions within the existing design     architecture    

Once these goals are attained, any business can enjoy considerable revenue growth, improvement of relationships with customers, and sustainability.

How to Become a Demanded UX Designer in 2022?

Now, let’s proceed to the most important part. How can you claim a reasonable piece of the UX market pie and earn more money with this profession? Here are a couple of ideas to try out.

#1 Understand UX Inside Out

The initial step toward a well-paid job is to understand what UX entails. You will be much better positioned in the labor market if you know the UX designer role ideally and can meet the diverse needs of your employer.

It’s also vital to be sensitive to the company’s UX maturity. Not all businesses need cutting-edge UX solutions at once, as they are only at the beginning of the UX optimization journey. So, your task is to assess the current business stage correctly and offer solutions tailored to your employer’s needs in real-time.

#2 Master the Complete Design Process

Skilled, experienced UX designers are competent in the complete UX design process and its optimization. Thus, they can develop unique, customized design solutions for all kinds of businesses in all sectors, addressing the current gaps and needs.

#3 Become Universally Competent

Many UX designers make the mistake of over-reliance on specific software, platforms, and media in the process of learning UX essentials. However, total independence from tools can pave you a path to excellence.

You can never go wrong when studying the abstract theory and tailoring your solutions to the software architecture of your employer. Different tools and platforms will continue emerging day by day, while your expertise should be universally applicable.

#4 Challenge Yourself with Lifelong Learning

It’s impossible to remain at the top of the world’s UX labor force if you don’t hone your skills and talents every day. The best way to climb to new heights is to become a lifelong learner. There is a ton of educational courses, masterclasses, and conferences today. So, you won’t experience any hardship with professional growth in the trending niche.

#5 Be Passionate about Design

Last but not least, you need to be really passionate about your profession to succeed financially. No matter how illogical it sounds, you can earn more only if you stop thinking about money. True professionals adore their vocation, look for original solutions every day, and don’t focus on the trifles. So, you can grow into a much better expert and win a solid reputation on the market if you focus on the value you deliver to clients. Fair remuneration will follow.

Demand Generates Supply

As you can see, the UX design market is very dynamic today. There are tons of UX jobs offered by companies of all scales and sizes, so thousands of people choose UX design as their primary profession. You can grow in this field in terms of money and status, but the core focus should always be on excellence. Keep in mind that the employer decides whether you’re worth the money by looking at the tangible value you can deliver. Thus, a UX designer’s salary isn’t an issue if you show your strategic mindset, original approach, and genuine interest in the new project.  


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