Facing Trouble In School? Heres Why You Should Contact The Counselor

Facing Trouble In School? Heres Why You Should Contact The Counselor

The education system has grown from solely being an education provider to a major socialization agent. Looking back a few decades, we can see how schools were drastically different than they are today. Not only did they focus mainly on the curriculum, but there was little to no emotional intelligence practiced inside or outside the classroom. Researchers have highlighted the importance of meeting the average students’ needs holistically. Hence the reason why most schools now have full-time counselors on board.

Coming to terms with the fact that you have an issue may be extremely challenging. However, once you do, the counselor might be able to provide solutions and coping strategies depending on the presenting complaint. With that said, let’s get down to it. Here are some average instances when you should seek a counselor if you are having trouble in school. 

  • The Inability To Focus

Times have changed, and today, staying focused with so much happening around you is a colossal task. With gloom and disdain spreading throughout the world, it’s hard to get through your average high school class. Moreover, many students have a hard time adapting to the remote learning situation. It would be best to see the counselor and tell them about your inability to focus. Not being able to focus in an online class is a major issue because whether we like it or not, online education is here to stay. In fact, millions of professionals are taking advantage of it too. There is a fair chance that the person you are talking to has an online school counseling master’s degree. Therefore, they are likely to understand the situation better and may relate to the struggles you are going through. 

A counselor may be able to give you the catharsis you need to clear the brain fog. Getting things off your chest and clearing your head is one of the best ways to sort your issues out with a counselor. 

  • Coping With Things At Home

One of the most common issues bothering students in school doesn’t stem from the school itself. Domestic issues wreak havoc on students’ academics, sometimes so badly that they never recover till they graduate. Students don’t know who to turn to or how to talk about these issues going on at home. However, if there are profound spells of sadness, anxiety, defiance, and lack of focus, seeing a counselor might be a wise idea.

One of the most common issues that students deal with is divorce. Coping with the idea that their parents are splitting up is extremely confusing and many children, even teens, handle the situation badly. A counselor can instill certain coping mechanisms depending on the case and help the student where they need them. 

  • Bullying

Bullying was once seen as a fact of the schooling system. Where there are children, there will be a power imbalance. However, modern schools have a zero-tolerance level for bullying and take the matter seriously. Though bullies often act due to their own psychological mad-adjustments, the fact is that displacing your issues and hurting others is an extremely immature way of handling the situation.

If students have issues with bullying, it would be best to schedule a meeting with the counselor and talk about the issues. Bullying is known to cause profound levels of depression which sometimes result in the student opting out of life entirely. The sad truth is that many students suffer in silence till the very end and never get the break they deserve.  Not only will the counselor help with the depression and anxiety, but they will see to it that the management handles the problematic child most appropriately. 

  • When You Feel Demotivated 

We often forget that counselors don’t just deal with clinical issues. In fact, some of them are better trained to deal with issues relating to personality development and career enrichment. Therefore, coming to the school counselor if you think you have lost your spark is extremely normal.

They can remind you why you do what you do and instill motivational factors that could take your academics and overall career further. They might refer you to an external counselor if they think the case is profound. 

There we have a few instances where it might be time to see the counselor. Many people in society don’t know much about school counseling. Therefore, they don’t know when it is appropriate to schedule a meeting. Though this article has talked about some common reasons to visit the counselor, these are only some of many. There is a diverse range of psycho-social issues that a person might face, and it’s best to seek help for it. We hope that this article has raised awareness for students finding solace in their counselors and the schooling system in general. 


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