Effective Ways To Embed Google Reviews On Website

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To increase brand and business trust, customer reviews are the only most effective ways to display on your business website. Positive customer reviews build the validity and credibility of your business with your new customers. 

Your customer reviews represent your business success, customer satisfaction with your products and services, and the quality you offer to your customers. 

There is nothing much better than Google reviews on your business website, and working as one of the marketing tools for your business. 

As people are now aware of the Google reviews. They find your Google profile and place genuine reviews on your Google My Business profile. 

You can display customer Google reviews in many ways on your business website. There are four ways you can embed Google reviews on website.

Four Ways To Embed Google Reviews On Your Website

Your customers’ Google Reviews are available in the same format. But you can display them on your website in different ways. Notably, there are four popular and widely used ways to display customers reviews on the website: testimonials, review badges, review stream, and Google Review Widget.

As your business website is the online storefront of your business. So, it is most important for you to make your website’s first impression effective and imperative. 

Displaying customer reviews in any form attracts the attention of visitors to your website. It engages them with the content created by the real customers rather than a branded content. 

Moreover, showcasing customer reviews on the website brings many advantages to the businesses. For instance, high customer engagement, building brand trust and authority, increasing connectivity between brands and customers, improving SEO ranking, and enhancing website content quality.

Thus, to avail of all these benefits, you can utilize your Google reviews and display them on your website in any of the given ways.

#1 Testimonials

One of the widely used forms of customer reviews on business websites is in the testimonials format. Testimonial customer reviews are shown on the website with quotation marks, reviewer names, photos, and designation.

To make the customer testimonial more authentic. They are attached with the case study and more details about the customer’s profile. This enriches the testimonial and makes an authentic customer review on the website.

Customer testimonials build an authentic customer review window on the website. They are attractive to grab the attention of visitors easily. Thus, you can display the customer reviews in a testimonial format on your website, with an authentic customer profile identity.

#2 Review Badges

A customer badge is a syndication of genuine review badges from the authentic platform. If you don’t want to display Google reviews from every customer. Then, it is also a better option to embed the Google review badge that displays the overall average customer ratings on your website.

Displaying google review badges on the website enhances the authenticity of your business. But also increases the trust of your customers just as they land on your website.

There are many review sites that provide badges to embed on the website like Yelp, Capterra, Angie’s list, etc. But if you only want to display one review badge on your website then the Google Review badge is the best option for you.

Also, you can design the Review badge in your own design and link it with your online review listing. That will redirect your visitors to the listing.

#3 Review Stream

With Review Stream, you can integrate multiple reviews from the different review sites on your website. You are not showcasing only one or two customer reviews but multiple reviews from single or various platforms where your customers are talking about your business.

This type of displaying reviews is called Review Stream. Because it shows all the customer’s reviews available on the review platform on your website. Your visitors receive a large number of review options to check customer reviews and get complete satisfaction with your product and services.

As your review stream is a collection of positive and negative reviews, 5-star or low star ratings, it will boost the trustworthiness of your website. You can find various tools to create a review stream on your website.

#4 Google Review Widget

Last but not least. The most effective way to display Google reviews on your website is with the Google review widget. A Google review widget is an aesthetic presentation of Google review with the theme, colors, designs, banner, and vibrant stream of reviews. That is powerful enough to attract and engage website visitors easily.

A Google Review Widget tool gives you the freedom to select, customize, and display your business’s Google Review in the way you want on the website.

Recently, the Google review widget has become the most popular and widely used way to embed Google reviews to increase the attractiveness and engagement of the customers on the website.

Over To You…

Hence, now you know the different ways to display Google reviews on your website. You can use any of the ways to represent customer reviews from Google to your website and build an authentic relationship with your customers.


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