6 Best Running Tips for Overweight Women

Best Running Tips for Overweight Women


Are you an overweight woman and want to lose weight?. Then this guide will help you to achieve this goal. Running is one of the best exercises that helps in weight loss but it is not easy for everyone, especially if you are an overweight beginner or are too lazy a woman. And also it is not like to just start it blandly. You have to follow some instructions and need to care about different things before you start like wearing good running shoes and proper running kit etc. 

The heavy body puts more pressure on joints. While running it becomes more dangerous.  Running with a heavy body could cause different foot issues like joint pain and knee pain? Therefore, it is more important to follow proper running instructions and tips to avoid future uncomfortableness. Furthermore, some women are too shy to start running with a heavy body.

But don’t be shy about what you’re doing for your health. Likewise, you will be anxious that people will start noticing when you start running. No need to pay attention to these things, whether they’re noticing positively or negatively. This does not make sense what people think about you. It is your health matter. Always keep motivated. 

 Also, there are some other types of women who still find running a boring thing to do. It is their personal choice and I am not here to convince them. I don’t like to force someone to do what she doesn’t like. But we suggest, they should start this fitness exercise slowly and after some time it will be more enjoyable. So this post is for fitness lovers who need the right equipment and guide to start running without any trouble for overweight beginners. These are some tips you should follow before starting. 


Six Best Running Tips for Overweight Women

1 Ask for Medical Checkup

Before running, go for a medical checkup to avoid future suffering. Although, running itself is not a dangerous exercise but with a heavy body it could be. Normally, obese women have a number of health issues. So it is better to go for a proper physical checkup before you start your running journey. Dr. after testing your blood pressure, kidneys health and current health status can recommend what is best for you. Especially, if you have had any injury in the past, you must discuss it with your Doctor. 

2 Pick Right Pairs of Shoes

Footwear is the most important equipment you need for running. However, running shoes for women with heavy body weight are different from those purchased for normal use. Normally, women prefer to buy stylish shoes with good designs. But here the case is different, you need shoes for running not for modelling and parties.  

 Therefore criteria for selecting footwear for an obese female runner is different from regular use. There are some important factors to consider while choosing suitable pairs of shoes. Usually, most people prefer soft cushioning footwear. However, too soft can cause more damage than good. Buying too soft shoes for a heavy body does not make sense, especially for running. Although, we are not recommending using a hard one but rather an ovoid too soft like a pillow. 

The reason for this is that soft cushioning footwear does not provide strong arch support and also they are not more stable for a long time. Furthermore, wrong footwear can cause foot injury, knee and joint pain etc. So make sure you’re not purchasing pillow type soft shoes.  Additionally, it should be comfortable and fit to make your running experience better. While good arch support is another important factor to consider.  Finding the best one is not difficult when there is a number of best shoes for overweight women.

We recommend Loom Footwear and they make shoes specifically for this purpose. Loom’s best running shoes for women are specifically designed to provide you with the maximum comfort and support while running or doing any intense activity. These shoes are waterproof, breathable and on top of all, they are vegan friendly, made with the material sourced from the best eco-friendly cruelty free farms around the world. You definitely want to check out to these vegan sneakers!

3 Start Running Journey with Simple Walking

Don’t put yourself suddenly toward running. Simple walking is the best thing to start. Also, there is nothing wrong with simple walking. You can start without any special instructions and equipment. Also, while walking you can judge your body’s conditions. For example, you check if you have any issues like joint pain, knee pain etc. Therefore first start with walking and then slowly move towards running. Morning and evening are the best times for walking. Try to walk 5mintues daily and then gradually increase this time. 

4 Make Proper Plan

The best advice to achieve anything is to make a proper plan and schedule. In this digital world, it is hard to adjust the time for exercise. So making a proper running plan is necessary for weight loss. There is no shortage of running plans on the Internet. But which one addresses best according to your current fitness level is a little challenging to find. Do some research and find a proper timetable that is according to your fitness requirements. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner and just started running then find a relevant plan that meets your requirements.

5 Choose Proper Running Clothes

The next thing you should consider is a proper running kit. Most runners don’t pay attention to it but it makes sense to use proper cloth for exercise. Clothes especially made with lightweight fabric prevent swelling in arms, legs and other parts of the body. And also provides extra protection to your body. Additionally, it helps to absorb sweat. Therefore, before picking a running kit make sure it is comfortable, lightweight and soft.

6 Include Healthy Foods in Diet 

Foods play the most important role in your health. Poor, unhealthy and junk foods can put down your entire running struggle for weight loss.  Include a weight loss diet in your foods such as. 

Final Words on Best Running Tips for Overweight Women

Simple running is the best exercise for your body that greatly helps in weight loss. Although, it is just a simple exercise and anyone can start it. But overweight people need to care and should follow some instructions before they start. The first step is to ask for a proper medical checkup. The doctor can recommend what you should do after testing your current medical health. Then the right equipment is needed like shoes and a running kit.  Furthermore, first, start with simple walking then slowly move toward running.  Also, set your proper timetable and plan for running. And lastly, avoid eating unhealthy and junk foods. 


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