2 Best Cloud Server Hosting

Best Cloud Server Hosting

There are three types of hosting that are mostly used including shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting. But in recent few years, another hosting is fastest growing, which is providing better and fastest business solutions than other offers and that is Cloud hosting. Also, it offers more flexibility and power than these three. According to research businesses who are using cloud storage got a significant increment in profit more than their competitors. 

So, we have created this blog post to introduce you to what cloud hosting is, how it works, and what are major benefits it compared to others. And lastly, I will mention some best cloud hosting providers. Cloud technology is not only used to host websites but also provides storage solutions to keep your entire data on an online server. Also, you can use it to keep books and accounts data. For it, there are numerous separate services that offer the best QuickBooks cloud hosting

  But before picking any cloud hosting service make sure you really need it. Because it is much expensive than traditional hosting. Which is not affordable for everyone. You should only use it if you have a large website or you have lots of traffic.

What is Cloud Hosting and its Benefits?

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where the site store on multiple servers instead of a single server. That makes your site more flexible, fast and scalable. If one server down, the others server will still remain live. Usually, on the dedicated and shared hosting servers, site hosts on limited resources such as storage, RAM and bandwidth. And these limited resources are not capable of big traffic. 

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

More Flexible and Scalable

As we above mentioned traditional hosting offers limited resources and does not allow to extend them. For more resources, they ask to upgrade the plan. The up-gradation process can down your site for some time that negatively impacts on site’s SEO. Cloud Hosting offer more control on resources to easily extend without any site down the problem. 

100% Uptime

Uptime and downtime are the most important factor to consider for hosting. If the server down rest of the things goes offline.  Can you imagine, if sites go down how many visitors your site will lose? Cloud Hosting is the best solution for this.  Having a website on multiple servers makes the site more flexible, reliable and scalable. 

Fast Speed

Quick loading speed is the ranking factor of Google. This means how quickly site load when user hit the URL. So if you want to boost your website on the first page of Google.  Website’s performance is key to consider for optimization. Hosting Play most important rule in site performance. Poor and unstable service can drag down the site performance. 

Therefore, cloud hosting is the best option to boost a site’s performance. Fast Speed is the biggest advantage of storing websites on cloud Hosting. When a site host on multiple servers, it reduces the load on a single server. That makes it possible to load the site quickly. But make sure you purchased a service that supports a multi-layer cache system.

Low chances of Hardware Failures

You couldn’t deny the real threat like hardware failures, virus attacks, and human malfunction that can down site. While cloud hosting store website on multiple servers, if one down, still website will be live.

Two Best Cloud Server Hosting


Dreamhost cloud hosting

DreamHost is not new in the market. It is operating for the last 23years and currently hosting 1.5 million sites all around the world.  Dreamhost is the best to host WordPress websites with unlimited bandwidth and capable to handle huge traffic.  Company offer 97 days refund policy that is enough to fully satisfy his service. None of the other companies offering such a huge time to get a refund.  Furthermore, its starter plan that comes with 2.59$ per month is very affordable for almost everyone.

 Don’t think with the low price they are not offering many features.  Starter plan gives a free domain, SSL, support to capable unlimited traffic and bandwidth and SSD storage. However, it only allows hosting one website. Also, Dreamhost does not offer much storage space. Even its advance plans like DreamPress and VPS provides 30GB disk space that is not enough for large business. There it is not scalable for large websites.  Although, Dreamhost has some drawbacks regarding uptime and speed in past but still good to go.


  • Money-back guarantee for 97 days.
  • Free domain and SSL.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Automatic backup.
  • SSD based storage.


  • Low disk space.

2 SiteGround

SiteGround is a top pick due to its fast speed, great overall performance and number of other good features.   Currently there 2millions websites host on Giteground’s servers. Since speed is core ranking factors of Google that is why SiteGround mainly focus on his system to provide quick loading speed.  While server response time of it is impressive all around the world. They are offering 6 countries data centres. And it does not matter where the user hit the site.

Speed and performance are equal all around the world. While the backend dashboard is quite simple and easy to usable. You can easily manage your products there. Furthermore, SiteGround offers 4 different cloud hosting plans including jump start, business, business plus and super plan. However, each plan is quite expensive compared to others on our list.  The Jumpstart plan gives 4 core processes, 8GB ram, 40GB SSD based disk space and 5TB bandwidth for 100$ per month.


  • 7days backup.
  • Excellent speed and performance.
  • Quick response time
  • 99.99% uptime.


  • Low disk space.
  • Very expensive.


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