Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multichannel Solution Design


What Is The Avaya Aura Call Center?

The Avaya Aura Call Center is one of the largest call center operations in North America. It offers a variety of services to its customers such as voice mail, web-based lead management, and various telephony technologies. This service offers two different options for the voice traffic that it generates to maximize the productivity of its call centers. These are the Virtual Rental System and the Virtual Call Rental System. The Virtual Rental System is ideal for low volume phone calls while the Virtual Call Rental System is best for high volume phone calls.

How To Use Virtual Rental System?

The Virtual Rental System allows the customer to rent a certain number of phone calls at a time. This is very useful for the companies which have less than twenty-five call center agents working. The rent can be pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This system of Avaya Aura Call Center Elite & Elite Multichannel Solution Design Exam allows the customer to make all the calls needed by them to different clients.

This kind of system provides the clients with a lot of conveniences. The customer does not have to wait in line for long to be serv. They simply have to enter the necessary information when ordering the phone calls and the agents will be the ones to handle the voice calls. They will determine the number of minutes that need to be use for the specify call and the customer will never feel like they are being use. The agent is there to serve the customers and give them the best service possible.


How Voice Mail Work?

The voice mail function provided in the program is another important feature of the program. Customers can send their voice mail messages to all the contacts in the company. This saves time because all the customers can receive the same message from the telephone number specified by them. The Autoresponders provided for the program also make it easy for the customers to respond to the customer support calls easily.

What Are The Features?

The program has various other features. It allows the customers to choose the number of extensions that they want. Customers can even restrict the number of allowed callers. This can be useful if there are lots of callers at a time and the customer only wants to receive calls from selected people.

Benefits Of Aura Call Center

The customers do not have to go out of their way and hire a voice courier. All the work can be handle by the automated systems and the customer does not even have to get up. This saves time and gives the business owner more time to focus on other important aspects of the business. The program allows the call center agents to handle calls in a professional manner. The customers can expect to talk to an agent who speaks clearly and understands their problems. The agents can solve problems quickly and the customer does not have to wait long for his or her problem to be solve.

The voice mail messages generated by the program are also very impressive. These messages are aime at convincing the customers and explaining the reasons behind the failure to receive a callback or making the sales pitch further. The agents can redirect calls to the executives in the database. This reduces costs as well as giving the customers the impression that their call has been receive in a very professional manner.

The call statistics provided by the system also help businesses. These statistics show the number of calls made and the number of customers who called during particular hours. This helps a business to understand how well their services are doing. It also helps them understand how much work is left for them to complete to achieve the desire results. This will enable the business owner to increase their levels of productivity and work efficiency.


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