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Artificial Intelligence is no longer a fiction in the Science Fiction on Third Shelf. Robots have long infiltrated people’s homes under the guise of smart speakers and mobile apps for smartphones. In recent years, many companies have made significant headway in AI development. Electronic assistants have become much more functional, and now manufacturers are amused by “knocking their heads together”, trying to figure out which voice assistant is smarter .

Siri has been the most intelligent of electronic assistants for a long time – which is not surprising, since Apple has been fine-tuning the program for 6 years. In 2021, we tested voice assistants and found out that Google Assistant understands more questions than competitors and provides the most detailed and understandable answers. Apple’s Siri is second, while Amazon’s Alexa is third. To be fair, the top three showed similar results, so there is no clear leader here.

Top 5 Voice Assistants in 2021

Google Assistant

Pretty quickly, Google moved from developing Now to creating Assistant. The first project is now considered closed, while the second is actively developing. The assistant of the world famous search engine saves all dialogs with the user on its server. The program does this for self-development and search for key concepts. Gradually, the assistant increasingly adapts to the person’s speech style, developing a wide base of answers.

It was originally announced that Google Assistant would only be available on flagship smartphones. Now any Android user can use the services of Google Assistant. Originally in English, it now easily understands hindi speech and performs many functions – launching music, opening applications, finding the information you need, converting currencies, finding routes and the right places nearby. A significant advantage of the Assistant is the ability to call subscribers of the phone book, send messages by e-mail or SMS. Alice does not yet possess such skills and this is her significant disadvantage.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon contains perhaps the largest number of Internet servers in the world. It is a sin not to use such disk space for processing any serious tasks. That is why the Amazon Alexa voice assistant was born one day. At that time, it was the only assistant who did not just answer the user by memorized phrases, but talked to him.

The assistant gets access to a variety of smartphone functions. It is not difficult for him to change the brightness of the screen backlight, play a song or call someone. He is also able to draw content from a variety of online services, and these do not have to be branded projects from Amazon.

Alexa is now considered one of the smartest voice assistants around. The application works mainly on flagship devices, and even then not on all. Basically, the voice assistant was created for smart speakers – separate devices purchased for installation in the living room or anywhere in the kitchen.


Computer control can also be carried out using a virtual assistant – although, alas, only a few users know about this. Windows 10 is equipped with a full-fledged intelligent assistant Cortana, capable of performing a lot of tasks at the user’s voice requests – to search and launch files on the computer, take notes and notes on the calendar, and configure the system.

SIRI from Apple

The first Siri spoke on iPhone 4S devices on October 4, 2011. A few years later, it was adapted for hindi-speaking users. It was SIRI who turned out to be the very first voice assistant who knew how not only to listen, but also to answer. To have a dialog. In this, Apple was helped by voice synthesis technology . Now, instead of a robotic lifeless voice, an absolutely real person communicates with us. Who even knows how to understand and support the topic of conversation. Neural networks are capable of learning and remembering.

Alice Yandex 

Most likely, it is “Alice” from Yandex that is currently the most famous voice assistant in english. Development started in 2016. And already in 2018, “Alice” began to conquer the Internet space. Initially, “Alice” was able to search only for information in the Yandex search engine, but gradually the programmers brought the level of artificial intelligence to a qualitatively new level. “Alice” knows how to listen and understand. At the heart of “Alice” are neural networks: they recognize speech, analyze it, determine the topic of the dialogue, highlight useful information for searching, and synthesize the assistant’s answers. Almost all calculations, in addition to voice activation (recognition of the phrase “Listen, Alice”), are carried out in the cloud, unloading the smartphone’s processor. Therefore, “Alice” can work on the simplest devices.

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