7+ Online Tools to Make Quick Websites’ Mockup Images via Any Device


Designers think up a lot of creative ideas while they are developing web applications. But implementing them using HTML or CSS can be a tiresome and lengthy task. And there are no guarantees even then that your client will end up liking it. If they do not the entire painstaking procedure has to be repeated again. This is the precise reason why website mockups come in handy to test the ideas without the hassle.

In simple terms, a mockup image is a simple draft or layout of the appearance of your website. Professional web designers usually create mockups before they begin working on the actual website. This allows the client to observe how the final components of the website will look like. And the designer does not have to spend all the time and effort at the testing phase. We have a list of some of the best tools to help you create mockups quickly and efficiently.

  • Screely

This is a free platform which instantly changes a design or screenshot into a glorious image. And you can share it with whomever you please. It also does not need Sketch or Photoshop templates to do its job. A feature on Screely that is loved at our branding agency in Dubai is the customization. You get the option of selecting a background color of your choice. It is a convenient and easy tool to work with.

  • Mockerie

This is another incredible free tool that can be preferred for website design Dubai. We aim to only provide the most unique and groundbreaking ideas to our clients for which mockups are necessary. Mockerie lets us choose an image from its library and then input a picture or URL of ours. It takes only a few minutes to generate beautiful images. There is also the availability of an embed option for free hosted mockups.

  • Screenpeek

This is the quickest way to capture a mockup for any website you design. All you need to do is select from iPad, iMac, iPhone, or MacBook. Then paste the URL for generating your image. The tool is available free of cost for iPhone but the Pro upgrade is accessible at only $12.

  • MockupsJar

The MockupsJar is your designing solution without the need of plugins or Photoshop. You can create your mockups on it entirely for free. And the three-step process is an easy one to apply. So get ready to create all the mockups you require to make your projects a success.

  • Shotsnapp

Shotsnapp is still in beta mode therefore it is the newest kid on the block for now. Currently it features browser and phone mockups. But there are definite future plans for introducing wearables, laptops, and tablets. This amazing tool allows users to change the size and colors of the background. Along with that you can also add a drop shadow to your mockup if you want. It is a tool which focuses on even the most minor of details. For instance, if creating a browser mockup, it will ask you whether you want a Chrome, Safari, or plain display. And all that comes for free!

  • Mockuper

This resource is quite simple in appearance, yet it is an immensely helpful tool to create mockups. Just select an image and click on the area that is highlight in green to include in the screenshot. Choose from one of the reflection modes that suits your image, and you have a complete mockup. All it takes is a few minutes and no expenses.

  • Smartmockups

Smartmockups claims to be the number one tool for creating promotional images online. And we think it lives up to its name with all the stunning visuals it has. It is a great tool not just for websites but for other things too. There are t-shirts, business cards, billboards, and even books to be found on it. It has around two hundred mockups and is also free for a single user.

  • MockUPhone

For this resource it is only a matter of several click and your design is into a mobile device. This is one of the best tool that is usual in the small web design and web development companies in Dubai because it is convenient to use. By choosing your device and uploading a mockup your work is done. The rest will be done by the tool itself. Another free tool that can be extremely convenient for any web designer.

  • Dimmy Club

This platform is a simple mockup generator to for your web developing tests. You can choose from a variety of tablets, mobiles, and laptops. Or pick any background color you require. And your website will appear in its full glory before you. This tool is perfect and simple to create elegant and clean mockups.

  •  Fluid UI

If a tool is considered to be the choice of web designers around the globe, it is FluidUI. Their library is an extensive one with more than 2000 elements. This is a high-tier tool for creating mockups and also allows making interactive prototypes as well. You can design animations of your web page providing the full real feeling of the website to your client. The overall features of the website are paid. But there is also a free plan which gives access to one project and limited library components.

  •  Mockuuups

The final resource on our list has a drag-and-drop layout. It lets users create amazing marketing content and app previews. However, you need to download this app for Windows or Mac to access its huge image library. Both free and premium plans are available of Mockuuups. It is worth looking into for all designers out there!

These were all the tools to help you create quick and gorgeous mockups mostly free of cost. With them, your work becomes easier, and your clients can view the best of your ideas without hassle. The quality of the mockups you will be able to generate will be impressive as well. It is important to present an appealing representation of your ideas to convince the clients. And these tools help you in doing exactly that.


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