7 Step Guide for Creating 3D Virtual House Tours

3D House tours

Real estate businesses are seeking an innovative and creative idea to upgrade the house tours for 3D virtual house tours which enable the potential buyers to look through every dimension of the house without actually have to be present there and stay safe in the global pandemic of the Coronavirus. This problem is solved out with the use of 3D Virtual House Tours. This article presents the ultimate guide and ways 3D House tours can be set up. The Virtual House tours are meant to provide the best shots to the clients in the right manner.

Steps of Effective 3D House Tours

These are vital steps that have proven quite effective in 3D Virtual House Tours:

1-     Highlight the Images

Highlighting the listed images other than all the property involved makes it easy to organize the post-shoot work. This helps in cataloging the specific areas that are critically checked and looked at.

2-     Use Professional Camera Set Up

Shooting for the virtual house tours required a professional set up of camera with matching resolution and compatible software making the pictures and videos crystal clear with excellent quality. this makes the portfolio authentic and accurately lifelike. It is preferable to use the recommended and professional equipment.

Real Estate Drone Photography is one of the capturing techniques that provide the overall outdoor building and structure form, various angels. This provides the necessary and effortless look of the roofs that otherwise require some sort of individual climbing to be done.

3-     Do Strategic Planning

The best kind of plans is made and work with proper strategic planning. Likewise, it is important to organize the tasks and written in order so that the shoot covers all the needs and desire of the clients required most. This includes all the key points and while everything is preplanned, it eases the shooting process.

4-     Do Proper Shooting of the House

The shooting must include all the specs and features that can be achieved through some planning. This needs a prior test shoot that helps in providing a rough idea about the end results. This provides necessary adjustments with camera and lightning by rebalancing the exposure and brightness.

For showcasing the full tour of the property virtually, it must be effortless and without having any form of obstacles that will create distractions. This helps in providing a thorough look at the property including walls, ceilings, floors, and the basic structure of the real estate.

5-     Set Up the Property in a Well-Presented Way

If the property is required to include furniture in the tour, it can be added later with 360 Nash. This whole process helps in setting the property effectively while highlighting all the nooks and corners of the place.

6-     Do a 3D Walkthrough of the Property

A 3D walkthrough in 3D Virtual House Tours helps in elevating the quality and poses with the advanced technology for efficient viewing.

The whole shoot is designed and arranged by compiling the short clips that are rearranged as per the client’s demand. The arrangement can include initial capture of rooms and kitchens, afterwards, the bathrooms and the back yards can be covered in the video.

7-     Proper Picturization of All Rooms

The proper picturized rooms are the priority included in a basic package as well. The specific areas of the rooms can be demanded to be shot separately to have a complete and satisfy look.

The professional capturing and shooting for the 3D Virtual House Tours must be done by real estate professionals, like Desk Flex. Some companies provide various packages as per the requirements and budget of the real estate businesses. This above-mentioned guide is properly managed by the best-hired companies and agencies that handle all the important considerations and the final projects carefully and professionally.


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