Step By Step Guide to use Microsoft PowerPoint designer | Detailed Guide

Creating excellent PowerPoint presentations could be pretty overwhelming or a lot of people. Whenever you would open up the Microsoft PowerPoint application, you would soon realize that there are so many effective tools and features but using them appropriately may turn out to be intimidating for you!

PowerPoint is designed in a way that it is completely intuitive and accessible. This could be a bit tricky for you to handle if you don’t have any previous training or learning about the application.

Here, you definitely need PowerPoint help!


Imagine a scenario, a movie is having great sleek visuals and effects but when it comes to the storyline, it is simply zero. Such movies would never be able to grab your attention for a long time and would never be a smash hit.

The same goes with the PowerPoint presentation. You can add up mesmerizing visuals to the slide deck but if you haven’t followed the logics and structure, your presentation would also end up being a waste.

I know, designing the slides isn’t easy at all.

But thanks to the MicrosoftPowerPoint Designer for being a life saver. With the help of PowerPoint Designer, you would be able to create professional slide layouts. The PowerPoint Designer is the feature for which you would be needing a subscription of Office 365.

Several online presentation design services are using the PowerPoint Design Ideas or PowerPoint Designer to create outshine and captivating slides. Sometimes, it’s not about the content and information that is present in the slides, but also about the design that must be sleek and attractive.

The Microsoft PowerPoint Design or the Design Ideas tool is going to be your best friend if you want to create more personalized solution for the slide design. And obviously, who doesn’t want to design amazing presentations and get applauded for them?


The use of Microsoft PowerPoint designer would help you to create the professional designed presentations and designer slides. The PowerPoint designer also uses the technology of artificial intelligence and further suggests the layouts, images, and designs to improve the presentations.

In order to use the features of Microsoft PowerPoint Designer, you need to have the subscription of Office 365. This appears in the pane on the right side of the screen and can make suggestion about the appearance of the slides constantly.

Your PowerPoint deck would be improved with respect to three aspects after using the feature of PowerPoint designer.

  • The design schemes would be suggested across each slide and you can choose any to make your presentation look professionally designed. The experts from business presentation design service Dubai also emphasized to use the feature as it will save time for small and large projects.
  • There is the option of attractive slide layout as well. Here, each slide would be analyzed and suggestions would be made for better ways to present the text and graphics.
  • Illustration suggestions would also be given. The PowerPoint designer uses the AI engine and this would review the text in the slides for the keywords and would suggests illustrations and other graphics as well that would reflect your message.

Now let’s get into the details that how to use the PowerPoint Designer feature on the desktop app, mobile app, and even on the website. But wait, before diving into the process make sure that you have availed the subscription of the Office 365.

We are going to have a look at the steps that are the basic ones to help you in getting started with the PowerPoint Designer of Microsoft.

  1. If the PowerPoint Designer of Microsoft open, display the Design Ideas pane on the right side of the screen by clicking “Design Ideas” in the ribbon.
  2. Here, you can find it in the “Design” tab.
  3. I understand the hurdle, if you are using the PowerPoint Designer for the very first time then you would have to enable it. You see, it’s that simple.
  4. If the request is done, click the “Turn on”. This could also be written as “Let’s go” in some of the versions.
  5. After clicking the button, you would have a move from the PowerPoint Design introductory window.
  6. Once it is enabled, it will automatically populate the pane on the right based on what you are entering to the current slide.
  7. On the slide within the deck, you would be witnessing the suggestion for the ways to display the bulleted lists, timelines, and Smart Art.
  8. Now, you can scroll through the suggestion and can click the one that you want to use. Isn’t this so simple? The feature is helping out the people in creating effective and impressive presentations.
  9. If you have changed your mind and you want to choose the different suggestion, simply click that certain suggested design. Or, you can even press CTRL+ Z on the keyboard to restore your original slide.

Within just these simple 9 steps, you would be directed towards the professional presentation designs within some minutes.

The Microsoft PowerPoint Designer is useful due to so many reasons. Some of them include; generation of tons of unique designs within seconds, time saving for different kinds of projects, automatic add up of illustrations and visual elements, conversion of text into the graphics, editing and, customization of your favorite designs.

This is one of the most useful feature that would ever have been introduced by Office 365 for the users of PowerPoint.


Are you also tired of searching designs and stressful creation of the business presentations? Then this is the high time to get the subscription of Office 365. This would make the creation of slides, designs, and presentation a lot more fun and easier as well. This guide would also help you to get started with the Microsoft PowerPoint Designer in near future!


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