Why use a VPN? 6 Use Cases to Consider!

Why use a VPN

VPNs were only used for businesses to secure internal networks for a long time. Today, their use has become massively democratized, and many other features are promoted by the main VPN providers, such as iTop VPN.

Why use a VPN in 2022? What are its main features? What are you going to be able to do if you subscribe to one of the best VPNs? If you lack inspiration, here why using a VPN in 2022 can be extremely practical.

To browse anonymously

  A VPN will allow you to browse anonymously. What does anonymous mean? This means that no one will know who you are.

What identifies you on the internet? I will make Your IP address. It is that of your internet service provider (ISP) that will be visible. Thus, you will be completely anonymous regardless of your activity on the internet (simple browsing or downloading).

To protect against hackers.

Let’s continue this list to help you understand why you should use a VPN in 2022.

In addition to changing your IP, the VPN encrypts your data. Thus, all the data that passes through the secure tunnel (created by your VPN) is unreadable. To anyone who does not have the decryption key. This decryption key, only you have it, thanks to your VPN client (the application on your computer, tablet, or mobile). 

 It would help if you had iTop VPN PC to protect your data. These are particularly virulent on public Wi-Fi. When you connect, for example, to the hotel, the Wi-Fi is rarely secure. The fact that they are not encrypted means that anyone with a minimum of computer knowledge can easily see what everyone connected to the network is doing and steal various information.

This concerns the banking information you provide, the sites you visit, or the messages you send via messaging applications (if they are not encrypted).

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To unblock blocked sites or services.

If you are faced with a non-accessible website or an application that does not work, the VPN could help you. Why use a VPN, then? How is it able to unblock a blocked site?

Let’s take a straightforward example we experienced during a trip to the United Arab Emirates. There, it is not possible to fully use WhatsApp messaging. Indeed, the messages work perfectly, but this is not the case for video calls. The same goes for Skype or Facetime. We then had to activate our VPN (thus encrypting our data) to unblock WhatsApp completely.

Also, in this same country, for religious reasons, some sites are blocked. Here again, the VPN activation enabled unblocking access to the site and circumvented censorship directly.

To bypass geo-restriction

Why use a VPN when traveling? Very often to circumvent the geo-restriction. If this term does not speak to you, it is geographical censorship aimed at restricting access to certain content according to the location of Internet users.

  This numerical address indicates where you are located and will then give you access, or not, to specific content.

The contents that VPNs users are most looking to access are TV channels or streaming platforms. With the help of a VPNs, it is possible to watch Netflix FR abroad.  



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