Why Do People Want To Do Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery

You might hear the idea of ‘how Hollywood actors of ’40s to 50’s age still look in their 20’s’ as if they have taken a magic potion. People might refer to that magic potion as ‘plastic surgery. 

Well, who wants to look older? ‘Nobody’. Plastic surgery got the hype around the world, but especially in American and European cultures, you will find it more. Nearly half a million plastic surgeries were carried out in 2018 by Plastic surgery London.

Once in life, you might desire to look at times younger than your actual age, and plastic surgery seems the best fit for that. But here is the misconception. Both plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are used for several reasons. But the masses are unaware of that. 

But to start with it, you need to be clear on ‘What plastic surgery is? Why is it used? And why do people want to do plastic surgery?’. Let’s get into it.

What is Plastic surgery?

The restoration, reconstruction, or at times alteration of an individual’s body and face due to some birth defects, aftereffects of disease, or the injuries or ailments is known as plastic surgery. In Greek word plastikos, which means to give form to something, which is true to what plastic surgery is. 

However, 89% of the term ‘plastic surgery is used in terms of ‘cosmetic surgery, according to the magazine article of a UK., which is opposite to the true purpose of plastic surgery. 

The aforementioned definition indicates that ‘plastic surgery is also used for the alteration purpose of the face and body. That also explains why most people are more exposed to this side and purpose of the plastic surgery. 

Why do people want to do plastic surgery?

As plastic surgery is employed for the persons’ ability to change and the person’s appearance, that is why there are two procedures known as reconstructive (corrects the defeats) and cosmetic procedures (altering part of the body for beautification purposes), respectively. 

There are innumerable factors of why people want to do plastic surgery.

1. Birth defects/ disorders

A person could bear with two fingers attached, ear lobe, cleft lips or palates, hand deformities and, birthmarks ectara could lead an individual to plastic surgery.

2. Serious injuries

People with serious injuries such as burns, lacerations, fractures, and crushes could make you a good candidate for plastic surgery. 

3. Damaged areas / serious illness

People with serious illnesses also go for plastic surgery, such as gallbladder removal, liposuction, bone marrow donation, dental implants, total hip replacement, and abdominal hysterectomy.

4. Changing appearance

Commonly people want to change their appearance because they do not like their looks.

5. Social media hype

Peer pressures and social media hype is also causing especially girls to look perfect.

6. Liking for certain actor/ actress

As illustrated, some people who have a liking for actresses such as Angelina Julie or Julia Roberts might go for plastic surgery.

7. Facial improvement/ to look more Appealing

Augment breasts, plump lips, and face uplifts could be the reason for plastic surgery.

8. Affordable

Many people could get a desirable look at affordable prices.


Don’t forget to get yourself consultation to advice from a specialist before jumping into plastic surgery.


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