Top Innovations In English Language Teaching

Top Innovations In English Language Teaching

Although technological advancements are an element of learning and English language instruction, not all of them are long-lasting. Certain breakthroughs will lose their charm because there are rising concerns regarding data privacy and security.

Those innovations that are accompanied by effective teaching methods will endure the ups and downs of life.

Teaching English as a second language is always changing, especially as technology progresses.

Following are some innovations for English language teaching:

Corpora on the internet

Web-based platforms

We typically think about the net and how much we could do when we talk about innovation. In particular, information platforms like Facebook plus, in particular, Edmodo, provide a secure online space for instructors, children, and families to interact.

Google Docs and other cloud-based technologies are also becoming vital. The number of electronic platforms available is ever-increasing.

Teachers can utilize a multimedia guidebook such as Digital Video to traverse the complex, and even at confusing times, the universe of internet resources, allowing them to construct projects, classes, and programs using various digital technologies.

The online staff and interactive CPD

With the rise of social media and the digital revolution, English educators worldwide have established social networks that function as a massive worldwide staffroom.

For instance, ELT blogging and Twitter have ‘created a team of connections who could provide advice, assistance, and suggestions. Individuals who give freely of their skills, knowledge, and contact discover that they are rewarded handsomely.

Authentic content on the internet

The instant, easy availability of real sources is among the most significant advantages of globalization for language trainees. It allows educators to employ material with ideas pupils would like to hear in their lessons.

BYOD and learning through mobile

Students could also take assistance from web content service with an easy go from their mobiles.

Many professional teachers advise students to carry their mobile phones to school since it aids them in the learning process. Technology such as Padlet and Whatsapp aid in the development of forms of communication outside of the class.


However, adding an interactive whiteboard to a class doesn’t guarantee a superior learning process. Furthermore, IWB is something of a diversion until teachers utilize them to supplement learning and teaching.

Using the internet to communicate with others
Students direct their education.

During the last few decades, the lecturer method shifted from the highest level to a lower end, student-centered approach. Development has escalated over few years because the amount and status of info available on the net have increased.

It has shifted the teacher’s job from information provider to analyst, advisor, mentor, and facilitator in many ways.

However, we have noticed nothing generic regarding the average English trainee, and instructors actively include pupils in class decisions.


This ‘synced’ method provides a fresh perspective on the instructional materials for many instructors. As well as the opportunity to move away from personal signs up and devote more attention to school language

Multiliteracies and cross-linguistic communication

Understanding the various languages is an advantage in the international community where English is a popular medium of interaction and other tongues.

Instead of dropping the importance of the students’ first linguistic, educators support them to utilize it. It necessitates advanced linguistic and academic abilities. In comparison, rigorous English classes are gradually being phased out.

The benefits of multilingual are recognized through programs such as the Family Skills Toolkit, which enable families and caregivers of teaching children English to perceive their language as a positive.

Skill sets and reasoning capabilities are taught.

Several learners are studying English to accelerate interaction in the sectors of trade, industry, learning, and tourist as English solidifies its place as the earth’s official language.

We could look past syntax, grammar, and accent to assist children in speaking clearly in unfamiliar situations to support them as successful learners.

The other is the Thinking Train that claims learning should begin at an early age.

It aids youngsters in the development of reasoning abilities that will aid them in the English studies yet also in the study of several other topics and useful life capabilities.

Management tools for teaching and learning process

Edmodo and other e-learning systems are becoming incredibly common. They provide students with an online resource for finding materials, continuing class activities, and submitting work.

Digital services are now utilized to interact with families and students,

provide instructors and managers with a greater understanding of the program, and assist with course planning and content management.

These devices may draw to you since they appear to be fully functional and sparkling.


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