Which brand of Hand gripper is best?

Which brand of Hand grippers is best?

Want forearms that are strong and impressive? Or do you want to give them more attention to make them stronger for workouts? Whatever it is, all you need right now is the best hand gripper, which is one of the must-have fitgear product to be owned. 

It helps you increase the strength of the hands and wrists which gives you a good grip while doing pull-ups and other major exercises. The forearm extensors control the opening and the forearm flexors control the closing. Which are the primary beneficiaries of using hand grips. 

Here are some of the best hand grippers in India that will give you your desired results.

1.Nivia 11038 Adjustable Hand Grip 2.0   

This brand has been a trusted one in the market for years. The fitness and sports accessories here are super handy. It gives you a revised version of the traditional design for the handgrips. The handles are non-slippery and help prevent injuries. It is lightly weighted so you can carry these accessories wherever you want. Most importantly you can customize the grip based on your intensity for workouts. 

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2.Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener   

Being a trusted brand in the market as well, it has a special touch in fitgears products. The gripper here allows you to change or set up the strength in it, from 10-40 which makes it easier for the trainer level users and the in-depth working out professionals as well. The most significant part is that it can be used to relieve muscular pain in the wrists. It is super durable and almost handy for anyone to use.

3.Cosco Grasp Hand Grip   

Is one of the best hand gripper in India, as it is covered with foam throughout to avoid slipping off from the hands, besides making your fingers, wrists and muscles stronger it serves as a good stress buster. It is durable and highly portable as well.

The best grip strengtheners are not only essential for lifting but also for sports. A lot of activities in sports like climbing and hanging require a strong pitch of stability in your hands. Even baseball and golf players need a strong grip on their bats in order to get the best score. It is also used by musicians to strengthen each finger in order to apply the right amount of pressure on the instruments. The best hand grip strengtheners improve your dexterity, that’s why hand strengtheners are crucial for any athlete with weak hands in general.


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