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The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Talking To an Insurance Company After an Accident

Have you been involved in a motor car accident? If so, you need to seek medical care as quickly as possible. Do not forget to ask for first responders to come to the scene of the accident. They will need to make sure you have not suffered any serious injuries. After this, you will probably be in a hurry to get your car fixed. Therefore, you may call the insurance company to make sure you are protected. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes people make when talking to the insurance company. If you are concerned about Progressive insurance car accident claims, take a look at a few common mistakes people make, and make sure you maximize your chances of your claim being honored.

Giving the Insurance Company Too Much Information

One of the first mistakes people make when talking to the insurance company is giving them too much information. You only need to give them enough information to show that you had a motor vehicle accident and that your claim is covered by the insurance policy. They do not need to know what the weather was like outside. They do not need to know whether you were changing the radio station. They don’t need to know if you were talking on the cell phone, and they do not need to know if you were tired that day. All they need to know is who is at fault for the accident and whether the accident is covered by your policy.

Changing Your Story

A lot of people get nervous that the insurance company is not going to cover their claims. Therefore, they will start changing their story to make sure it perfectly fits the policy. You should never do this. If you change your story, you give the insurance company an excuse not to pay out your claim. Before you start talking to the insurance company, make sure you have a copy of the police report. The police report is going to be an official record of what happened. If your story deviates from the information in the police report, the insurance company may refuse to cover your claim.

Waiting Too Long To File a Claim

In addition, a lot of people wait far too long to file a car insurance claim. Many people get nervous about talking to the insurance company, so they put it off way too long. There might be a deadline by which you need to file a claim. If you do not file your claim by this date, the insurance company may refuse your claim. Do not give them a reason to do so. Make sure you file your insurance claim in a timely manner. Before you do so, you may want to reach out to a car accident lawyer who can make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. 

Not Talking to a Car Accident Lawyer

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes people make when filing a car accident claim is not talking to a car accident lawyer. It can be intimidating to talk to an insurance company, particularly when their primary goal is to try to get out of covering your claim. Therefore, you need to hire a car accident lawyer who has experience in this situation. The insurance company may try to give you a lowball offer that does not cover your property damage or medical expenses. Do not let this happen to you. Instead, enlist the help of a car accident lawyer who can make sure your property damage and medical expenses are appropriately covered.



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