What’s The Connection Between Fatigue And Diabetes?

Are you coping with diabetes?

Do you feel wiped out all day long?

Are you not able to get rid of fatigue even after having healthy food or having ideal hours of sleep?

People with diabetes do experience tiredness, lethargy, and fatigue. Fatigue is indeed common with diabetes. But it should not remain last forever. To improve fatigue, it is quite important to understand the connection between fatigue and diabetes.

What Studies Say About Diabetic and Fatigue –

Glucose is a prominent source of energy for all cells in our body. Glucose level goes quite high and it does not get into the cells with Typ-2 diabetes. When glucose does not get into the cells, it results in less energy. Therefore, it is said that people with Type-2 diabetes are more tend to experience fatigue.

As of now, several studies have been done related to diabetes and fatigue. Studies also reveal that 31% of individuals suffering from Type -1 Diabetes are having poor sleep quality.  The ratio is quite high compared to the adults having Type-2 diabetes. Another study on the same subject says that 40% people individuals with Type 1 Diabetes suffer from fatigue for more than 6 months. Moreover, diabetic people often have to suffer from severe fatigue which even impacts their daily life too. Generally, fatigue remains much higher in individuals with diabetes.

Causes Of Fatigue –

Now, the point comes to the mind that what reasons could lead to fatigue in diabetic patients. Blood Glucose fluctuation is one of the most prominent reasons that lead to fatigue in diabetes. But some trustworthy studies including “study trusted” also reveal that 155 adults with type-2 diabetes blood glucose were the core reason for fatigue in only 7% of participants. And therefore, it could be said that diabetes fatigue is not essential to be related to blood glucose fluctuation. Apart from it, other factors could be responsible for diabetes.

  • Having complicated diabetes such as kidney issues, heart diseases, nerve damage, etc.,
  • Mental and emotional issues
  • Overweight because of unhealthy lifestyle, sleep disruption, etc.,
  • And other diabetes symptoms such as extreme hunger, frequent urination, blurred vision,

Fatigue also emerges apart from these above-mentioned prominent causes. You probably would not believe but some sort of medication also led to fatigue in the form of side effects. It could also happen because of unrelated stress, acute illness, arthritis, widespread inflammation, hypothyroidism, low testosterone levels in men, kidney failure, skipping meals, lack of social support, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Fatigue And Diabetes

Why Diabetic People Do Feel Quite Tired –

Insufficient insulin or not working insulin can lead to high Blood Glucose levels. Insulin is responsible to transport glucose right from the blood into cells so that it could be used in the context of energy. Not having ideal insulin or not working effectively means sugar in the blood is not able to get into our cells and enough energy is not being received. Therefore, we start feeling being tired.

If you feel fatigued upon waking despite enough sleep then it could be because of too high or low blood sugar levels.

Ideal Ways To Manage Diabetes Fatigue –

By bringing some lifestyle changes you can control diabetes and symptoms of fatigue both.

  • You should do exercise on daily basis.
  • Have only a healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Have good sleep of 7-9 hours
  • Do control your stress

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Conclusion –

Treating diabetes and fatigue can go successful only when they are treated together instead of separately. Experts say that social support, a healthy lifestyle, and mental health therapies can bring excellent results. You should consult the doctor if your symptom of fatigue does not improve despite taking needed precaution IITSWEB.


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