What Makes a Candle Smell Stronger?

Candle Smell

Candles have been the oldest lightning ornaments in history. With time, candles upgraded in style. The stronger scent, multiple shades, and colors, longer burn time, a unique mixture of fragrances, expensive ingredients to make candles. The beatification of candles is now a massive trend. The stronger the scent, the better the candle.

Handcrafted Lovelies

The most expensive candles are handmade as people buy hand carved candles from gift shops as presents. Handcrafted are mostly in demand during holiday events, parties, and top-class restaurants. They have the most long-lasting fragrance of any other candle.

The Essential Oils in Candles

The spa candles, dinner light candles, scented candles have strong essential oils, which give them long-lasting fragrance. Such oils can be of rose, lavender, chamomile, orange, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and vanilla just to name a few. The list is endless, and the method is adding merely 5 to 6 drops per candle. The more essential oil you add to the candle the more intense the scent. The strong essential oils such as coffee and cinnamon can make the candle vigorously powerful.

The Flavours of Candle Wax

Many paraffin waxes already have a scented base. Waxes can be either coconut wax or soy waxes that are perfect for blending in fragrances. The oils neatly intermix with the oil bases. The beeswaxes for candles are also an organic option for this purpose. Some other candle waxes have a strong pungent smell of hydrocarbon base and it becomes hard to mix essential or essential oils in them. The fragrance oils can be additional scents added to the melted wax.

The Fragrance Methods

The essences, fragrances, oil from petals, shrubs and stems, perfumes, and colognes added to the molten wax at the exact right temperature, when it is close to harden, can exceed the scent levels. The candle will smell stronger if you use paraffin types of waxes. They will maximize the sweet smell in the atmosphere when the candle burns.

The Additional Ingredients Added to Candles

Spa candles mostly are in lavender, because of the healthy essential oil addition. The spa candles have essential oils, which are beneficial for mood, relaxation, and giving off a stress relief vibe in the environment. Such candles are stronger than an average wax candle as they have special ingredients such as beans, original petals, herbs, moon powder, honey, cinnamon or cocoa stick and fresh mint leaves blended in the wax before it hardens. The candlewick burns and melts the wax and special ingredients along with it, creating a wonderful scent. Creative DIYs add powdered cocoa and cinnamon as well and whatever they find in the kitchen to spice things in the candle smell.


Women mostly prefer a long-lasting candle that can light up for more than 8 hours and still smell divine wherever they are placed. This was all about the best-scented candle tricks manufacturers use to make their candles extraordinarily smell like a fresh bouquet or healing therapy in a jar. This was all about strong candles.

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