What Different Bathroom Towels Are There?

Bath Towel

Towels are the most important items in a bathroom. There is a huge collection of towels that can be found at bedding stores in different fabric, sizes, shapes and designs. Towels are elementary home accessories, which can be used for a different purpose.

Different Sorts of Towels in a Set 

There are specific towels for every part of the body. There are hand towels, mainly for drying hands. Bath sheets and bath towel sale the most separately, as they are for the shower. Face towels, larger than hand ones and smaller than a bath towel. The special towel set also has a bathrobe for the body in the same material. 

Bath Sheet or Bath Towels 

These are the most basic accessories in the bathroom as there is a dire need for them all the time. The bath sheet is about 35″ to 60″ in length and it is more than enough to wrap around and cover. Bath towels are mainly for the body after a shower or a bath. They cover the entire body and dry it well. There are multiple towel fabrics for bath towels, however, bamboo cloth, cotton comb, rayon are the top favourite among a towel set collection. 

Pro Tip: Never use a bath towel for your face, as the cleansed dead skin from the body can trigger allergy, acne, condition or germs on the face. Body skin is not like sensitive facial skin. 


Every luxurious set of towels has a washcloth that is mainly for wet and exfoliating purposes. It cleanses more than it dries. However, it can be used for anything. Whether for the face, body or hands. If you purchase a set of washcloths separately, then better use a fresh one each time for your face. It is not specifically for the face, as it can cause bacteria to stick on facial skin. Washcloths can also be used as ice packs, warm compress and soap towels. 

Hand Towels

Most people prefer separate towels for their hands when they wash them, as even the cleansed hands can have particles that may stick to your face if you have the same towel for both purposes. They are approximately 20″ to 30″. They are put on the towel holder for all-time use. In a complete set, there is one basic fabric material for all types of towels. The most expensive hand towels, even sold separately, are Egyptian cotton, tight-packed loops one. They are super absorbent and reliable for long-term use. Soft on skin and mellow to touch as well. 


These are super trending these days and they have maximum coverage over the body. Bathrobes are convenient to use, hang and dry. They come in different sizes and fabrics as well. Bathrobes are mostly 100% pure cotton with tightly packed loops for maximum absorbency. 


A basic towel set consists of the above-listed towels. There are face towels and bath rugs as well in exclusive towel collections. It mainly depends on how large you want your towel set to be. 


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