What Are The 5 Most Important Vehicle Checks Before The MOT Test?

Mot Testing

In the UK, every car three years of age or older must need to pass the MOT. About 40% of the vehicles fail the test at the first attempt because these are not roadworthy. If your car is due its MOT test, and you want it to pass the test the first time? There are several checks you can perform on your vehicle before MOT. You are going to read about 5 of the most important checks.

5 most important vehicle checks

Before MOT, check some of the fundamental things. Here is the list of 5 easy tasks you can perform.

1.Check Brake Fluid

Stop your car, cool the engine, open the bonnet of your car and look for the master cylinder. You will see the brake fluid reservoir with the markings of min and max on it. Make sure your brake fluid is within the two instructions. If it is below the minimum, fill it up. You can get brake fluid from any local car store. Before buying, make sure it is right for your car’s make and model. For information on that, check your car’s manual.

2.Check All Lights

It is an easy check you can do before taking your vehicle to MOT testing centres. Also, you should perform this check before taking your vehicle out for a long drive. Make sure your vehicle’s brake lights, fog lamps, and main headlights are all in working conditions and all the bulbs are fitted correctly. A small check and replacement, in case of any default, can save you from failing.

3.Check Tires and wheels

During the MOT test, tires are inspected first. Your vehicle’s tires must be correct. Make sure these are not worn away. These can cause the problem while stopping particularly in wet weather conditions. Well, MOT is not the only reason to check the tires. If you are caught on the road with worn tires and with below the required depth, you could be fined up to £2500.

4.Number Plates

These are the most crucial parts of your vehicle. Before the MOT, make sure that the registration plate of your vehicle must be fitted on both the front and back of the vehicle securely. The display, font, and style of the number plate should be in the correct order and the right spacing format between the letters is included in legal requirements for vehicles.


The driver’s seat should be free to move forward and backward, without any restrictions. Before the MOT, make sure your seatbelts are in working order. Check for some issues such as, is the seat belt frayed? Re seat belts engaging properly? Check if the belts react efficiently in case of severe brake application.

If your car has some dangerous or major faults, your vehicle can fail its MOT and it can not be driven until the faulty components have been replaced or repaired. By checking these 5 important components, you will surely pass your MOT on the first attempt.


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