Answering 10 Most-Asked Questions about VOIP Providers In UK


There is still some level of uncertainty among people about VOIP. Even though it plays a significant part in our professional and personal lives, some may have come across this term for the first time themselves. Large business and developing agencies are familiar with this service mainly because it aids their on-site and off-site communication. When looking for network connectivity and Fastest Broadband Installation, many frequently asked questions come up. We have compiled these questions and have provided answers for them as well.

What is VOIP, and How is it Applicable in Businesses?

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows its users to call other numbers through the internet and provides the same service through landline VOIP Phone. It does so through very low costs and a stable internet connection. It expands your limitations for work when you are away from the office and even within the office.

How to Select VOIP Providers?

You have to be sure of what your business requires. If you have more local customers who may or may not be in reach of the internet, you might have to re-evaluate your choices. If your clients are from international waters, you might be saving millions in terms of phone bills alone.

Does VOIP Only Work in Cellphones?

No, it works on laptops as well. You can opt for software set up through cellphones. It is also applicable in hardware systems such as traditional phones.

Does it Require a Specific Type of Phone?

No, it does not. As long as your phone has fast internet services, you can subscribe to this service. You are not limited to specific phones.

What does VOIP have to Offer?

VOIP offers different features. They include voicemails, much like traditional phones, and email voice notes that prove to be more useful later on. For more customization, they also provide on-hold music options. For Caller ID protection, they offer extra digits or hidden digits for your convenience.

Which Package Should I Avail?

Companies such as 4G4U provide:

  • Caller ID and Existing Number
  • Voicemail
  • Videoconferencing
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3-way calling
  • Conference calls

These are some of the features which are helpful for standard businesses. If you require some other packages, you will be charged more because those options won’t be a part of the deal.

What Happens if Internet Connection Stops Working?

If your internet connection stops working or lags, you can still call or forward calls to other employees with better connectivity.

Which VOIP Service Provider should I Trust?

You can be sure of their service quality and reliability by checking their reviews. You can also rely on word of mouth.

Will I get Facilitation if I Face Issues Post- Installation?

There are many companies which do offer such facilities, but it depends on one company to the other. To be certain, you must check in with the management for confirmation.

Can I Travel and Work with VOIP?

Yes, you can travel around without much issue regarding connectivity. You can conduct business without a hassle because the internet creates a virtual extension for your office in a pocket-size phone.


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