Restaurant marketing ideas for Christmas

Christmas is all about the festive spirit and the decorations around every corner. Every restaurant should take advantage of the fact that people spend more money this time of year. Every restaurateur is doing the same thing, so you need to stand out from others to get customers. Here are some useful restaurant marketing ideas for Christmas that will help you with promotions during the holiday season.

Make a Christmas Menu

Santa Claus is coming to town! It is important to prepare well in advance of Christmas Day. A special menu is the first thing that you should think about. Figgy pudding is something we all crave. Everyone will be obsessed until the New Year with festive food. Give people what they want. It is your choice whether you serve it all December or just a few days before Christmas. Choose the Christmas menu that you prefer:

  • Traditional
  • Vegetarian.
  • Menu for children.
  • National cuisine

The restaurant type will dictate the menu choice. Stick to your idea. To give the restaurant a holiday vibe and to satisfy the customers’ impressions, plan the menu layout.

Let’s get back to the food. It is important that the kitchen does not run out of food and have full houses. To avoid this problem, arrange your food supply schedule well in advance, taking into account holiday specifics, and analyze product balances in warehouses using your cafe POS system. This is another reason to plan your Christmas preparations in advance.

Plan your working hours

It can be difficult to decide between business and personal life, especially during holidays. Usually, at this time of year, most of the big restaurant chains open late and close early, so this is a great way for locals to gain an advantage over huge corporations. Instead of Thanksgiving Day, when most people would prefer to eat at home for Thanksgiving, Christmas is a time when more people are choosing to dine out.

According to Eater, individual restaurants which are open on New Year’s Day and Christmas Day earn 40-50% more profit than on a normal day. Search options such as “restaurant menus“, “restaurants open on Christmas Day near me”, and “What restaurants open on Christmas Day” are becoming more popular.

Decorate Your Home

A special menu is not enough to create the right atmosphere. You can add more color and Christmas decorations in your restaurant. You can stick with the traditional red-green-white theme or go for something more. Pinterest is full of great inspirations, so check it out if you feel like you’re running out of ideas. Without lights, wreaths, and mistletoe, Christmas decorations are not complete without them.

Use centerpieces such as scented candles and rustic pine cones to decorate the tables. Outdoor decorations like garlands, solar string lights, and solar string lights can be used to decorate the trees. You could even set up Santa’s Workshop scenes or a winter wonderland. The last thing you need is Christmas music. It’s hard to resist Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby as you pass by.

restaurant promotion for christmas

Decorate the Restaurant with Christmas Elfs

We don’t necessarily mean actual elves. Holidays always bring people out of doors, do restaurants get extremely busy. To avoid chaos in the kitchen, hire extra staff. This will ensure that customers get their food on time and that service levels are maintained. This will make your life easier, both for you and your employees. This does not mean you need to hire 10 more people. It all depends on how many people you have, but one more per job would suffice.

Consider a festive uniform to be worn by your team. You should also plan ahead, as accessories and costumes are very popular at this time of the year.

Offers Special Deals

Giving is all about giving. Why not give people what they desire? You could offer a Christmas dinner to-go at a special price, or offer 3 for 2 deals, or even give away a set of gingerbread. It doesn’t have to be about X-mas Day. You have 24 days to promote restaurant holidays! What a great opportunity for an advent calendar with a different deal each day to warm anticipation up a bit of a new restaurant loyalty program. Create coupons to exchange for a free dinner or gift cards for customers to use as presents for family and friends and make it convenient for your staff to manage those through your restaurant POS system.

You can also connect with The Twelve Days of Christmas song to create themed “today’s specials”. Remember the words “On Christmas Day, my true love gave me a partridge and a pear tree.” This is a great way to diversify the menu and get guests interested. The same idea can be used to attract customers as we discussed in our blog post about Thanksgiving Day service ideas. Here are some ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

  1. Restaurant catering service for Christmas Day.
  2. Loyal customers get an additional 5%-10% discount
  3. Gift cards
  4. Christmas Carol Wednesdays
  5. Festive meals calendar.
  6. 30% off your second Christmas Eve meal
  7. Coffee to Go Discount
  8. Coupons for special occasions
  9. Lottery bowl with bonus.
  10. Happy hours.
  11. Get your 4th cup of coffee free.
  12. Customers who order delivery receive free biscuits

Seasonal Catering

Many times, large corporations that offer holiday corporates for their workers must face the reality that not all of them will fit in the cafe or restaurant they choose. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and bring joy to your employees? There are always parties around the corner, and seasonal catering is highly in demand. Catering companies typically make 25-35% more in December and January than they do in the year. Don’t miss this chance to increase your profits during the holidays. Participate in local Christmas festivals and fairs, and help charities. Every opportunity is a chance to remind people about your existence and to show your willingness to provide delicious food.

Christmas marketing ideas for restaurants

Organise Christmas events

Do you not think December is the best month to promote special events? A cafe party with live music is a great way to warm up on cold winter nights. Look for local bands that can perform original songs, covers, and the greatest hits. You can also save money and create a more homely atmosphere by having musicians perform acoustic versions. A few entertainments for children include a food contest or a master class in gingerbread and cupcake baking. Santa will even allow them to sit on his lap! It will be a great time for the kids!

Christmas is a time for generosity. Consider charities as a way to give back. Organize an event to raise funds for charity. All proceeds will go to good causes.

restaurant promotion for christmas

Book Christmas Restaurant Reservations

People at home are also planning Christmas restaurants. Even if you don’t intend to cook for Christmas, it’s important that everyone has a place at the table. Although it may seem daunting to make reservations, these reservations can be a great way to manage your operations during busy times.

Spread the word about your Christmas menu options and invite people to make reservations. Make reservations in advance to get the best Christmas menu at your restaurant or increase your Christmas Eve dinner promotion.

Limit the number of reservations to ensure that you are able to accommodate walk-ins. It is not a good idea to turn away Christmas and Christmas Eve guests.


If people don’t know what you are doing, all your efforts will go begging. Social media is the best method to announce an event, as we mentioned earlier. You can create a calendar to schedule your special events and deals, so you don’t miss any. Also, you can promote dishes from the special Christmas menu and post pictures of them on your restaurant Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat in advance to warm up interest.

You can create a contest online or give away gift certificates. Post content at least a few weeks in advance of the event so that potential customers are aware.

The New Year holidays are a great way to increase your restaurant’s profit and promote marketing. You should not be afraid to try new ideas. It will make you stand out among your competitors and increase your popularity. We hope you find our tips helpful.

Update Your Restaurant Website

Many restaurants create their websites and never update them. Your Christmas promotions can be promoted by adding festive flair to your website. Check the following updated:

  • Create your banner more festive.
  • Make a holiday page
  • You can post your holiday hours on several pages: Holiday pages, hours-of-operation sections, and your homepage.
  • Any set menu can be added to holiday information.

It’s a good idea double-checking your Google My Business information while you are updating your website. You should double-check your Google My Business information while you’re updating your website. This includes your address, phone number, and website information.

Use social media

Sometimes, posting is not enough. Post to your Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also keep up with Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok. Regularly post and do more than just post. Interact with people who comment on your posts or share them. Recognize those who spend time on social media and engage with them.

Perhaps you post a photo of Christmas decorations in your restaurant and invite people to comment on their favorite holiday colors or pieces.

You can also use social media to discuss Christmas ideas for restaurants. Every family seems to have a member who would prefer everyone make a home-cooked meal. Social media can be used to address the less-than-savory aspects of home cooking. Families can be drawn in by photos of burned turkeys and a sink filled with dishes that have a snappy caption.

Make personalized emails

Christmas decorations for restaurants aren’t the only thing that will make the holidays more festive for the food and drink industry. You can create customized emails using a variety of services if you have an email list or loyalty program. These emails don’t need to be written by you. Use MailChimp, or another similar tool to create plug-in names for your emails and personalize them.

Are you unsure what to include in your personalized email? You might be wondering what to put in your personalized emails.

Distribute Flyers and Posters

We discussed Christmas menu options for restaurants earlier, but people won’t know anything about your special menus if they don’t hear! Food poster and flyers can be used to promote your holiday hours or special menus. These flyers and posters can be posted to social media and distributed in your store or locally.


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