VIP Desert Safari in Dubai – Wander in a Luxurious Way

Once an adventure freak lands in Dubai, his mind starts boggling for the thrills the city offers. Whether it’s jet-skiing at Jumeirah beach or sandboarding at a VIP desert safari tour, the city keeps jaunty opportunities. Grabbing an itinerary was a crucial part for us. But after a lot of research, we finally found Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The management offered us a private desert safari as we wanted to commute and stay in luxuries.

Along with them, we experienced how a nomadic lifestyle could be drawn into modern amenities. While keeping the conventional essence of a specific place alive.  Every service was above the mark from pick up in a private vehicle to residing in the luxurious camps! Whenever you opt for a private desert safari in Dubai, this is what to expect:

 How a Private Desert Safari in Dubai Looks Like?

1.   Luxurious Pick and Drop

Right from our hotel in Dubai, the driver from Happy Adventures Tourism picked us up in the exotic desert safari Dubai. A private tour starts from pickup in a luxurious vehicle. We were picked up in a land cruiser driven by a skilled off-road licensed driver. He drove smoothly and we all were seated comfortably on the cosy savoury of the air-conditioned car. 

The off-road vehicles allow a maximum number of six passengers including the driver. Also, these cars are equipped with first aid kits and the starring holder is trained to deal with any case of a mishap.

2.           Extended Dune Bashing  

The usual dune bashing time for riders is of fifteen to twenty minutes. But if you are a VIP guest there, bash the high red dunes your heart out. Because you are given an extended period of 30 to 40 minutes. In our case, the guides of Happy Adventure Tourism LLC supervised us in a luxurious land cruiser. It was the hell of a roller coaster ride when our SUV crossed over the high sandy slopes. 

Other furious terrain vehicles also seem to brim in the dune arena. These include hummers, rovers, wranglers, Nissan patrol, and dune buggies. If you’re exploring this tour in the Summer season, must wear the best trending summer outfit to make the outstanding photography. Dune bashing is an insane sand activity that is highly not for faint-hearted people, kids under 13, and people with cardiac issues. 

If you are not bound to such restrictions, get the instructions and fasten your belt in an SUV of your choice. Because this sport is purely made for madcaps!

3.           Other Terrain Activities 

 The dune arena is also brimming with other crazy activities. These include sandboarding, quad biking, and fat bicycling. Grab a sandboard and surf the reddening dunes like a pro surfer! Sandboarding is all about balance. Once you get the technique with enough practice, you are unstoppable! 

If you are not into thrills and all, no worries! There’s a fun part ready for you in this majestic land. The royal carries -camels seem to spread happiness for the explorers when they carry them far away in the desert. Camel safari is the true essence of being in this nomadic place. 

Quad biking is is another terrain activity that people find quite amusing. Quad bikes are also 4x4s but a drive for one. The expert professionals train the rider on how to drive a quad bike across the dunes. After some mandatory safety measures, a quad biker drifts like a dare-devil over and down the reddening dunes.

4.           Amenities of a Private Camp

The inspiring traditional aspects of the UAE are visible in brighter tones at the campsites. The traditional themed camps are based on the old Bedouin lifestyles. On how they used to pitch the camps of their own during migration. Taken from that specific theme, the camps are fully-fledged with modern amenities for VIP guests. These luxuries include separate toilets for he and she, up to the mark toiletries, comfortable seatings, rags, and catchy detailings based on the archaic theme. 

The hospitality of team happy Adventures Tourism was quite impressive as they kept our private camps all checked and sorted. Resting in those beautiful Arabian caravansaries was an unforgettable experience.

5.           Delicious Servings

After all the thrilling drives and cuddles in the sand, we were escorted to our camps for the delightful meal. The hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism provided table service to serve the luscious savory. Meanwhile, we also rejuvenated ourselves with thirst-quenching drinks. Along with that, there was free and unlimited access to mineral water, soft drinks, and tea. 

We were also served Arabian coffee and dates. It’s a traditional welcoming gesture of the native Arabs. With charcoal roasted meat, veggies, desserts, and siders; the great feast is presented with VIP services. 

6. Be a Part of the Arabian Tradition

The artistic henna painting and Arabian attiring attract the wanderers to the campsites. Buy the famous Kandura dress from the stalls and don them to take snaps with your squad. Henna painting is done by the locals which are quite amusing for women and kids. 

Then there’s the heritage hunting sport going on at the campsite in which the national birds show their luring actions. These falcons are trained for hunting the prey by their masters. This traditional hunting technique of Arabs points to the olden times when scarcity of food in the desert led Arabs to acquire it. 

Shisha smouldering and hubble-bubble are other recreational activities that entertain people. Listening to the fol stories of the Bedouins while sitting in the Arabian Majalis was quite intriguing for us as well.


No matter how many blogs you read, how many images you search for. The true bliss and serendipity can only be felt when you make a move to this deserted land. The management of Happy Adventures Tourism made our private desert safari streamlined according to our limited time in Dubai. They also didn’t leave us unheard on a single expression of our needs. If you too want to soak up in this golden region of the UAE along with luxuries, you should reach out to them for sure!


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