Use of Holographic Foiling in Packaging Boxes

There are multiple ways you can use holographic foiling on your packaging boxes to enhance their look and appeal. Hence, this special kind of flexible packaging technology.

holographic box packaging

The Outer Finish of Holographic lamination

Usually, product vendors use holographic foiling on the as outer finish of their packaging boxes.

The holographic printing and foiling with its three-dimensional iridescent properties capture the attention of passersby on the market shelves.

The inner lining of holographic foil

Therefore, Holographic foils can be used on the inside Shield of boxes. You may have seen sweet boxes with an inner lining of metalized holographic foil paper.

The purpose of this lining is to serve as a barrier to external contaminants.

Hence, the reflective properties act as a shield to dust, oils, light, and moisture and keep the contents of the box fresh.

Uses of Holographic Packaging Boxes

There are unlimited practical applications of holographic and metalized foiling sheets and lamination in product packaging and promotion. Hence, we will talk about the most popular usage of holographic packaging boxes.

holographic packaging boxes

Shopping and Retail Boxes

Therefore, holographic boxes are becoming an increasingly popular packaging design in the packaging of many latest new-age products. Hence, using lustrous and shiny packaging design features to promote cosmetic products is most beneficial to the cosmetic industry.

Makeup and cosmetics target customers who want to enhance their looks. And style with the use of the most expensive and luxury items. Hence, holographic packaging compliments these items perfectly and adds to their appeal.

Cosmetic items like eyeshadows are stored in holographic boxes with a window that gives them an eye-catching look. Vendors use holographic packaging for personal care items like creams, lotions, and toothpaste.

Gift Packaging Boxes

Holographic gift boxes are a wonderful way to pack your gift for a special occasion. If you are looking for a memorable and impressive packaging box to complement your gift, holographic boxes are the right choice.

They can make something look instantly fancy and lush with their amazing visual appeal.

In addition, Gift boxes of all shapes and sizes are available with holographic printing design and enchanting colors and patterns. You can choose from unlimited options to fit your gift for your loved ones to make their day more special.

Holographic Labels and Stickers

Holographic foiling is a very popular way for creating the 3d holographic labels and 3d holographic stickers. Therefore, these stickers may serve many purposes from a unique identification of the originality of an item to its security.

Firms use holographic label or sticker to gave the 3d look in the box.

Hence, this is a very useful technique as the exact pattern of the logo and print is not easy to copy. Customer avoid purchasing fraudulent or low-quality versions of the goods.

Low cost: 

However, everyone can afford these iridescent mailboxes as they have a reasonable price range. Which is a huge advantage in those Custom Iridescent Mailer Boxes.

Therefore, the price may vary from the materials used by the manufacturers of the cardboard packing box.

Available in any size or shape

The great advantage of iridescent mailboxes is you can avail yourself of boxes in all size shapes and designs. Hence, when you decide to purchase from a vendor, your vendor knows cardboard boxes and the size of the item you need to ship.

Therefore, if you choose that design, you think that will boost your product’s performance when it arrives at your door.


Iridescent mailboxes are environmentally friendly and harmless to the environment and natural resources to the current global warming. Iridescent mailboxes are custom-made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.


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