5 Simple Ways to Make Your Aftershave Last Longer

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Aftershaves, as the name suggest, is a liquid, oil or gel, designed to disinfect freshly-shaved skin. Typically, aftershaves contain only 1%-3% concentration of aromatic compounds. And the rest is alcohol and water and hence, it is fairly weak. Aftershaves are often referred to as Eau de Cologne due to their similar nature but that is not true. Unlike cologne, aftershaves will leave your skin disinfected, toned, refreshed and slightly scented.

Like other fragrant products, cheap aftershaves come in a variety of fragrance formulation and types. There are basically two main kinds of aftershaves, tonic and balm. Tonic form is the classic form, and the alternative to that is a balm. Both have different benefits.


It is the classic form of aftershave that is alcohol-based to keep your skin feeling toned and tightened. It is the commonly used aftershave that also keeps your skin sanitised and the fragrance of tonic aftershave last comparatively longer. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation on neck, this aftershave will help you tackle any day.


Aftershave balm is the most underrated product available in the market. It is a lotion-based product that helps moisturize your skin without being clogged. In comparison to other creams and lotions, balms are relatively light and non-greasy. The fragrance in the balm is much lighter in comparison to tonic form and hence does not last for as long as tonic does. If you want a light fragrance; an aftershave balm is a way to go.

Other benefits of aftershaves

1. Reduces ingrown hairs, swelling and itching from the skin.

2. Prevent skin from bacteria, dirt or chemicals and reduces burns, breakouts and razor bumps.

3. Helps in healing cuts quickly and promote regrowth of skin tissues.

4. Adds a pleasant smell to your skin.

It is not compulsory to use aftershave only after shaving. Due to the presence of ingredients present in it like Vitamin E oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera one can use it in a regular skincare routine too. Apart from this, if ingredients such as tea tree oil is present in the aftershave, it helps in reducing acne and clear out pores filled with infected fluids as it has antiseptic properties.

When you pick an aftershave or Men’s perfume gift set, make sure that it best fits the needs of your skin. Here are some ways to make your aftershaves last-long:

1. The first and foremost thing to keep your aftershave for long is to keep it in a cool and dry place as heat and humidity are the biggest enemies of aftershave.

2. Do not use scented moisturizer before spritzing your aftershave.

3. Do not spray aftershave on clothes as it is meant to be used on the face after shaving.

4. Do not use too much of the product in one go.

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