Tools to Create Animated Videos for Business

Create Animated Videos for Business

It’s not that easy to create a good animated videos for your business.  To do this, you need to analyze many points and choose good specialists or a program that you will use.

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What tools can you use?

The programs below will help you create a good interactive video presentation about your company, product or project from scratch.  The interface of all programs is incredibly simple and convenient, the capabilities of the programs allow you to create high-quality presentations, no worse than professional agencies.  Do not spend large budgets to pay for the work on the design of your ideas, rather spend this money on creating the right ideas and developing your business.  And for registration there are already many ready-made solutions.

Video is the best solution when you need to tell about a company’s product in an interesting and vivid way.  These videos hold the customer’s attention and help sell the product.  They are small commercials that every PC user can learn to create.

1. Sparcol VideoScribe

Service Sparkol – allows you to create videos with the effect of drawing a plot by hand.  Everything is so simple that any person can deal with it.  Sparkol VideoScribe is the perfect solution for marketers and small business owners as you can make great marketing videos perfect for presenting products or services.  The trial version of the program includes 3 ready-made templates that will help you create your first animated presentation.  Templates are ready-made options for presenting the benefits of your product to end users.

The program provides a large library of animated images and pictures on various topics.  For each picture, you can watch a short video – a preview of how it will be drawn in the frame of your presentation.

You can add the desired audio accompaniment to the created presentation and record a voice-over.  The presentation can be exported to video format as well as pdf file.

2. PowToon

PowToon is a free online application for creating animated video presentations with additional paid features.  The program provides several options for animating text on slides: writing text by hand, sequential appearance of letters, as well as simple options for animating text that you are used to in PowerPoint.  And the library of animated images is incredibly large: models of different people in vector graphics and many elements of infographics.  More complex images can be purchased for a subscription. A library of ready-made templates allows you to choose the most suitable design for your video presentation.

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3. Moovly

Moovly is a multimedia presentation maker.  Paid online service with cut free features.  Free use of the service allows you to create animated presentations with a resolution of 480, lasting up to 10 minutes, with a limited number of presentation styles.

With this program you can create animated video presentations, regular presentations and advertising banners.

A large number of animated pictures and infographic elements are available in the free version of the program.  For each element, you can choose from 10 different animation options.  You can upload the created videos to Youtube or Facebook and upload them in video or flash format.

4. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is an interesting online program for creating presentations and animated videos with ample opportunities.  The program has a free version with limited features and various monthly subscription options.

GoAnimate offers a wide variety of presentation templates, where you will find a large number of animated images.  Some of the images can even be corrected: change the slope and size of elements, remove unnecessary elements.  The finished presentation can be downloaded.


Plotagon allows you to make your own films by simply writing a script and having virtual actors bring it to life. The program is in beta testing and is free to download.  Although additional scenes and actors will have to be bought.

While the user is writing his script, the program gives him the opportunity to choose “actors” from a small list, as well as the area where everything will take place.  The author can indicate how a specific remark should be pronounced: in a sad voice, cheerful, alert, etc.

There are actually quite a few programs.  However, today we have named some of the best.  Which one to choose is up to you.  Try each one and find out which one you like the most.  And start creating animated videos for business now!


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